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The Myrmidon chassis is the backbone of the Empire's heavy tank force.  This high tech chassis is extremely strong though relatively slow.  Usually speed or acceleration will not be an issue, however.  The Myrmidon can absorb a tremendous amount of punishment.  This is one vehicle that can dish it out as well as take it.  The immense size of this chassis means that you have room to mount the best of everything.  It is prized by Human pilots and much feared by opponents.

ComponentsMount Size
Special 1:Medium
Special 2:Large
Special 3:Large
Weapon MountsMount SizeLocation
Mount 1:X-LargeLeft
Mount 2:X-LargeRight

Tech Level: 6
Top Speed:  97.5 kph
Top Acceleration:  15 m/sec
Mass:  90 tons