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Apocalypse Mk.5
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Proof that a great design ages well, the Apocalypse is still a front line heavy attack HERC more than two hundred years after it's introduction.  Thoroughly updated, the Apocalypse chassis is still considered by many to have the best mix of fire power, armor and agility.  It's six weapon hard points and ability to mount large sized shield generators means that the Apocalypse can "dish it out" as well as "take it".

ComponentsMount Size
Special 1:Medium
Special 2:Large
Weapon MountsMount SizeLocation
Mount 1:MediumUpper Left Outer
Mount 2:MediumUpper Right Outer
Mount 3:X-LargeLower Left
Mount 4:X-LargeLower Right
Mount 5:SmallUpper Left Inside
Mount 6:SmallUpper Right Inside

Tech Level: 5
Top Speed:  90 kph
Top Acceleration:  12 m/sec
Mass:  60 tons