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StarSiege: 2845 Uber-FAQ

Posted by: IVIaedhros on Thu Apr 21st, 2005 at 6:55 PM
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tJY's SS:2845 sectionTHE UBER-FAQ
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Hello and welcome to StarSiege: 2845. There's an overwhelming amount of information about SS: 2845 and the universe it comes from. This is made to collect all of that info and make it easier to absorb and get into.


Quick Intro: This is a collection of previous threads that helped explain the game. It includes The Things We Know, and the SS: 2845 public update archives. This is one of the best ways to quickly learn what this game is about.

Explaining the Universe: StarSiege's Universe is huge and this section helps to explain it. It includes a small story summary, links to the two official timelines, and both the Human and Cybrid versions of the Scannex.

Expanded FAQ: As the project grew in size, there's been a lot more questions than the FAQ could ever answer. This is what the expanded FAQ does; answer all those questions.

Additional Sites: The Clancore sites are not the only ones that are involved with StarSiege universe, or even SS: 2845. This is where you can find a bunch of those sites.


SS:2845 Quick Search Tool
If you're like us and inherently lazy, then this QS Tool will be your Godsend. We designed this tool as your one-stop resource to access all of tJY's SS:2845 information. Quick links around the community, filtered 2845 news headlines, and all of our content -- indexed and completely searchable. Just enter the terms you're after, select an archive, and let the tool do the rest.

Press Coverage
A synopsis of all PR that 2845 receives, from magazine scans to interviews, public updates and major news items. A great way to follow the development of the game.

The Things We Know
This is the next best place to find out information about SS:2845, especially when it comes to particular aspects of the game. As with the FAQ, it is updated as new information comes out, only much faster.

The Public Update Archives
This is the third resource major resource for SS:2845 info and a good place to look for information if all else fails.

About 2845 board
Just in case you missed it on the way in, this contains a variety of useful misc. info.


The Original StarSiege's Timeline
This will take you from the year 2000 to the right before the beginning of SS:2845's timeline. In edition to the events of StarSiege, this will set-up everything that takes place.

The Scannex
The Scannex are the equivalent of the media for StarSiege. The first one is the Human's version, and that is the one that actually in-line with the rest of the story. It supplements the SS timeline by providing fictional news casts and other announcements as if you were really there. Also included are the mission briefings you receive in the campaign. The Cybrid version was created specifically for the Cybrid campaign, where humanity is annihilated. Remember that the Cybrid version is just an alternate ending and not the actual one.

SS:2845's Intermediate Timeline
This is the timeline created specifically by Blake Hutchins (StarSiege's writer) for the mod. It begins shortly before Prometheus was destroyed, which was the end of StarSiege's story, and finishes when The Chase is about to set out.

The Corporate Wars and Early Tribes Timeline
Expanded Tribes Timeline
These two briefly cover the Corporate Wars (Cyberstorm 1 and 2) and the events of the Tribes series. Note that events in Tribes: Vengeance will not be in any of the timeline's because Blake Hutchin's did not write the game's story.


The StarSiege universe is an alternate sci-universe beginning in 2000 that spans several thousand years. It includes (chronological order) the games: EarthSiege 1, EarthSiege 2, StarSiege, Cyberstorm 1, Cyberstorm 2, Tribes, Tribes 2, and Tribes: Vengeance. There are more, but those are the main ones.

Somewhere near the turn of the millennium, a huge cataclysm happened called the Devastation. The world as we know it was basically destroyed with only a small remnant of survivors left. Order was eventually restored thanks to a legendary man named Jake Hunter, who by the time of StarSiege: 2845 is worshipped as something of a second Christ-figure.

After many years of rebuilding humanity enters a new golden age, based of military campaigning for resources. During this time, a man named Solomon Petresun creates the world's first sentient and evolving AI, dubbed "Prometheus." Prometheus came out of his research to find a way to transfer a human consciousness into a machine brain (in his neurotic quest for immortality), but was eventually transferred to coporate military control to create more AI's (Cybernetic Hybrids, or Cybrids) to be pilots in the human wars, so that bloodshed would no longer be a necessity of a war economy.

Eventually Prometheus learned how to complete the process and Petresun, along with many of his close colleagues, became "immortal", but in the process, Prometheus came to hate humanity. Eventually Prometheus rebelled, along with its creations. They nearly destroyed humanity, but twice Ambrose Gierling and his TDF soldiers defeated Prometheus with the help of Petresun and his Immortals. Humanity was safe for a while, but Prometheus and IT's remaining Cybrids fled to Pluto to rebuild for another assault.

Petresun had now become Emperor over the Earth and it's Colonies on Mercury, Venus, the Moon, Mars, and the Jovian colonies (Jupiter's moons). For over a century he pushed humanity hard to rebuild its former might in order to fend off the inevitable attack from the Cybrids. However, Earth was his only focus; the Colonies were expendable. As demands increased, colonists on Mars and Venus began protesting. When Imperial Police cracked down with unnecessary violence they rebelled. Initially small, the Rebellion quickly grew in size and influence; especially after the former Imperial Knight Harabec Weathers (aka Bek Storm) joined them.

Harabec was secretly an Immortal, Petresun's own son Victor, who had taken the body of the dying Harabec Weathers as a six-year-old boy without the family knowing. Because of the Colonists' oppression and a recent public humiliation, Harabec defied the Emperor and his family to join and eventually command the Rebels. With Harabec leading them they quickly gained a military advantage. After months of skirmishing, the Rebel miners discovered a mysterious weapons cache under Olympus Mons that contained immensely powerful alien technology. Armed with the new tech, an all out war was waged and Mars was freed of Imperial rule for a short while.

Petresun, however, would suffer no challenge and he dispatched the bulk of the Imperial Fleet and the elite Knight task forces lead by the Grandmaster Caanon Weathers (Harabec's brother). Even with their edge in technology and Harabec's brilliance, the Rebels quickly fell under the Knight's superior numbers, experience, and Caanon's relentless drive. The Rebellion was nearly finished when the Imperial Fleet suddenly left Mars at full speed, leaving a large contingent of TDF and Knights stranded. The Rebels quickly regained their losses and defeated the remaining Knights. Caanon officially ended the conflict when he surrendered in order to spare his men and find out why they had been deserted on the eve of victory.

The celebration on Mars was short-lived: the Cybrids had launched a massive surprise attack on Earth and if Earth fell, they would be doomed. The remaining Knights, Rebels, Imperial Police, and Mercenaries formed the Human Alliance and while Earth battled it out, they did their best to evacuate all the survivors they could from the Solar System to Saturn's moon Titan. Their plan was to launch an "ark" to carry humans away in case everyone was else was killed by the Cybrids. They succeeded, but this still left the nearly defeated Earth and the Cybrid menace that was beginning to notice them. In a desperate attack, Harabec's most trusted lieutenant captured Cybrid dropship which was used to take a warship. A crack team of alliance soldiers including Harabec and Caanon themselves infiltrated Pluto and destroyed Prometheus.

The Starsiege: 2845 storyline begins with the victory of the Empire and its newly autonomous Colonies in Sol, and the start of a new campaign using FTL (faster than light) travel to track down the Cybrids and kill all of them so that they can never again return to threaten Earth. In the Starsiege timeline this is also called 'The Chase." The intermediate years between the destruction of Prometheus and the start of the 2845 game can be found in the Starsiege Intermediate Timeline.

If you're still confused as to the basic outline of the story, try the StarSiege Wikipedia page.


I don't want to wade through all this crap. I just want to follow the game's development.
If you don't want to spend much time sifting through things, simply go to the SS:2845 board and watch the top section where all the threads have "pinned" next to them. This is where all important news flashes will end up. If you find yourself getting lost because you don't know something that has already happened, The Things We Know, the Public Update Archives, and our Press Coverage page are great places to look.

Wait a this a mod or a full-fledged game?
Ever since 2/16/05, StarSiege: 2845 has been a stand-alone game.

Will infantry be able to take down hercs?
The answer is: yes, but it will be very difficult. The key word is "very". In order to take down any fighting vehicle infantry will have to work together and make use of different assests. There will be no super sniper rifle pwnage where a lone infantry man will take down an Executioner nor will there be some heavy explosive weapon. Quite simply, expect to feel in the game as you would in real life if you had to kill a 60 ton machine of death moving at 90 kilometers per hour.

*Still aren't convinced? Look at these pictures.

What's the max player limit in a server?
At the moment, nothing can be said with certainty. However, with the proper host a dedicated server of around 64 players should be perfectly playable. The problem really lies client side (the players) and their computers ability to handle the graphics hit that so many players can entail

How will the in-game environments be laid out?
How they decide to make the campaign missions is anyone's guess, but we do have some information about multiplayer. For one, it is a good bet they will feature plenty of bases and other objects (like destructibles) since the primary game mode of WAR involves lots of them. We do know maps will also be pretty large in general. As a reference, SS: 2845 will be able to have maps 4 times as large as the average Mechwarrior4 map, though don't look to see many that big due to performance and balancing issues.

What equipment is going to be available to me?
Part of StarSiege's appeal was the immense amount of customization and variety that came from so many load-out options. SS:2845 has taken that idea and ran with it. The 2845 Cheat Sheet contains a complete listing of the amount of vehicles, weapons, and componentry. As of now we know very little about the properties of anything save what we can guess from past experience. However this gallery contains a large number of pictures of the various components and vehicles. More pictures can be obtained here and here.

I run on a Mac or Linux will I still be able to play?
The final build will almost certainly run on both Linux and Mac operating systems. As for the ATR, it will be Windows only.

I keep hearing that this isn't Tribes and it's not StarSiege, but what's with all the talk about jetpacks, skiing, and the references to StarSiege?
It's hard to say this strong enough, "This is not Tribes and not StarSiege!" This its own game and it has a new approach, new equipment, and a new goal. The reason you hear a lot of Tribes comparisons is because this was once a mod of Tribes: Vengeance and Tribes is part of the StarSiege universe. Also, there will be a much more limited form of jetting for standard infantry (not to be confused with SCARABs) and there will be absolutely no skiing. As for StarSiege, it's the only concrete thing we've experienced so far and it is 2845's predecessor so comparison is natural.

What kind of ESRB rating will SS: 2845 recieve?
No one knows, but an M (Mature) rating has been deemed by the devs to be acceptable since they're not willing to tone down the content.

Will there be any ladder or other kind of competition system included with the game or will we have to fend for ourselves?
There will be organizations ready pretty much as soon as the game is released. In addition to the venerable TWL (see "Additional Sites";) agreeing to host SS: 2845, the game is being designed to have an automated version of SSL. SSL is a league that revolves around the capture of virtual territory by different squads.

When will the final product be released?
We really can't guess right now...every time the dev team has set dates they've been moved; usually back and sometimes forward so..just be patient :p

Some of those older games like EarthSiege, StarSiege, and Cyberstorm sound cool. Where can I find them?
You'll probably never find them in a store so your best bet is to check either ebay or Amazon All them are very cheap.

Will I have to pay for this?
As it stands, you will only have to pay for the singleplayer portion. The multiplayer portion, which is to be released sooner, will be completely free for you to download.

OMG!, do you guys know you're dealing with Vivendi? I hate them because they_____!!!
Well, first off, go vent yourself somewhere because if not for Vivendi's grace this project would never have been possible. They've already given the dev team near total freedom in the creation of 2845 and VU even agreed to give ClanCore full reign in all post development (patches, etc) and release dates. Don't believe me, then click here

I'm hearing all this talk about an ATR. What's that?
The ATR is the Alpha Tech Release. This is a small showcase of the development teams work and it's purpose is to both give the fans something to mess around with and provide for some publicity. THIS IS NOT A BETA and therefore cannot be thought of as an accurate representation of the final product. You can download the ATR here.

Wait a second. I thought this game was going to be using ____ as its engine
SS:2845 has had a convoluted history and it has changed gaming engines several times.

At first this was going to be on UTK4, but then it became an official mod of Tribes: Vengeance and so it was going to its engine. However, T:V's engine was not suited their goals and they were allowed to switch over to the Torque engine. Currently, all work is being done on the TGE version of Torque and that is the engine the ATR will appear on. The final versions will appear on the new and upgraded version, TSE (Torque Shader Engine). Now, just to make things even more complicated, GarageGames decided it would be fun to change the TSE to the TGE:A (Torque Game Engine: Advanced).

Hey, I bought T:V just for this. Will they at least release an ATR on T:V?
No, the only ATR is only on the TGE.

What the crap?!
If it makes you feel any better, a lot of us lost our meager paychecks just like you.

What, if anything, is ClanCore doing to support further community development?
As this was originally just a mod, there will be a good deal of community support planned. At the moment, the two biggest features will be a powerful shoutcasting ability (making a movie like a sports game) and the automated SSL. They will also be including large amounts of art and sound assists for modders and mappers.

Has this project recieved attention from anyone besides the fanboys?Yes, it has. Here are some article scans from magazines that 2845 has been featured in. Additionally, here are a large number of interviews and spotlights and various other bits of publicity that have been garnered.

Hey, I have an idea/concept that I think would be awesome!
Well, if you do have an idea that you wish the development team to look at, post it here. Word of caution: look through the Past Submittals List and make sure you're not repeating something already said. Remember, Control-F is your friend ;)

Wow, this looks awesome. I want to sign up as dev team member, but I don't know how.
Click here for the sign-up page and be prepared with portfolio of your past work. If your speciality is not listed it means they haven't announced a need for it. However, you are still welcome to apply by simply emailing Trajan at

They don't need me and/or I'm not good enough, but I still want to do something to help.
There is plenty you can do. Hang around the boards and simply offer encouragment, tell your friends, tell you people about 2845, print the poster off the fansite kit and litter your college campus with posters, make thoughtful suggestions, learn how to map and script with Torque, etc. Just be open and willing you'll find something to do.

Will the devs include squads like StarSiege did?
If you mean, "Will they add squads into the game's story?" then no. In the StarSiege alpha, Blake Hutchins took several squads and added them into the official history. Well-known examples include the Black Death Union and Red Armaggedon. The 2845 development team will not be doing this and those and other "historical squads" will not play a role in its story.

Will ClanCore host my fansite/squad's home?
Currently the 2845 site is not hosting anyone, though you may ask for a link by emailing Trajan at If you need hosting, try either The Junkyard or Sun and Shadows.

I'm a Tribes fan, and I'd like to know if this game will have jetpacks and skiing.
Starsiege: 2845 is not meant to serve as a conceptual sequel to Tribes or Starsiege; it has a new approach, new equipment, and a new goal. Skiing and tribes-like jetpacks will not be included (although infantry will have a power-assisted jump, which allows them to reach great heights). However, as an acknowledgement to the interest of the Tribes community, we intend for these features to be easily modded in to the final release of the multiplayer.

One of the things I liked about StarSiege was the Compendium. Will 2845 have something like that?
Yes, there will be a new version of the Compendium available for download in a PDF format and it will be released in two portions. The first will be released with the multiplayer and it will deal with the technical and gameplay aspects of 2845. In other words, it's like StarSiege's Pilot's Guide. The second part will come with the singleplayer and will deal primarily with the story. Total length will run aprox. 120+ pages. Preview shots can be seen here.

I've never really used forums before and I'm kinda confused. Help?

I've read the FAQs but I still can't find what I'm looking for. Help?
Search for it using our Quick Search Tool. Chances are if you can't find the information you're looking for with it, it doesn't exist.


SS:2845 Official Site

SS Fanfic Database
A repository of StarSiege related fiction. Be sure to check it out as well the fanfic boards

This site contains Plague's many sketches and finished concepts. A large amount of them are set in the SS universe and a few of his designs will be seen in-game. Hosted by tJY.

StarSiege Universe
One of the best site for information about the original StarSiege

The Mechnexus
While not directly related to 2845, they still cover it along with a wide variety of other mecha/sci-fi topics.

StarSiege Holdover
Another site dedicated to StarSiege. You'll have a hard time finding a better place to look for information or downloads. Hosted by tJY.

MapRaider will be taking up the slack due to the closure of several major Tribes map sites. It will also be first in line to handle SS: 2845 maps.

This is one of the major online competition websites presently. In addition to many other games, they have agreed to host SS: 2845 when it comes out.

SSGameServer is committed to providing an on-line community for PC gamers, information about Starsiege/Starsiege 2845 and discussion related to game server administration.

StarSiege Survivors
Yet another StarSiege fansite holding history, fiction, and downloads.

The Flet
Aldaron's personal website where he experiments with PHP-Nuke and brings you all sort of StarSiege related goodness.

A scripting website where dun-Starscaper show's off his work for StarSiege. Check out his many helpful documents, including a campaign tutorial.

One of the original and best of all the StarSiege moding groups, MIB is still kicking (some of their guys are on SS: 2845 staff) so check out some of their work.

StarSiege: 2845 Hub
SoMeOnE's SS: 2845 fansite. Another great site to quickly get the latest information on the mod's development. Hosted by tJY.

Sun and Shadows
A large gaming community that provides a hosting center for many StarSiege and Tribes organizations.

The Ghosts of The Antipode
These guys are a writer's guild who have created a variety of works for the StarSiege Universe and others as well. If you like to write fiction or want to read some, check these guys out.

Static Screen
A fascinating site that breaks down all the technical aspects of the original StarSiege.

Our very own Khan Temujin's homesite where he keeps his maps, skins, and other StarSiege related goodness.

The WolfGaming Network
A bunch of guys who love their games. If you're looking for an online group, give these guys a look.

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