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SS:2845 Build List

SS:2845 Build List

Posted by: IVIaedhros on Tue Nov 22nd, 2005 at 12:44 PM
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In an effort to keep the community more informed with the development of the ATR, Trajan now regularly updates this build list (details). Note: This is an archival copy of the Build Notes that was posted on the official forums. For a more in-depth explanation of what the numbers mean, read
this thread

Build 0.0.6i (October 1)
-assorted art updates
-assorted map updates
-infantry models updated
-weapons added to wraith wings
-hand held, thrown grenades added

Build 0.0.6j (October 2)
-tank turret now rotates 360 degrees
-badger cockpit added and working
-vehicle weapons resized
-blaster projectile animation fixed
-added code to reduce amount of relighting done
-infantry weapons adjusted on screen to take up less room
-infantry weapon skins updated

Build 0.0.6k (October 6)
-art updates
-map updates
-ATC projectile changed
-blaster rifle position shifted
-badger turret updated
-predator and emancipator cockpit models added
-console spam reduction

Build 0.0.6l (October 7)
-texture placeholder was causing map crashes, fixed
-thrown grenades updated to deal splash damage
-blaster rifle position shifted again
-grenade launcher skin updated

Build 0.0.6m (October 8)
-infantry feet sinking into terrain fixed
-emancipator node issue fixed
-badger cockpit skin updated
-badger cockpit moved back and down

Build 0.0.6n (October 9)
-flag model changed
-radar range increased by a factor of 4
-removed buildings from radar
-removed controlling player from radar
-temporarily disabled an error message for bad collision names in a model

Build 0.0.7 (October 14)
-art updates
-neptune updated
-herc mass increased
-badger turret now fully functional (enter badger, press 1 and 2 to switch seats OR get two people to enter badger)

Build 0.0.7a (October 16)
-art updates
-map updates
-manned turret updated
-badger updated
-first parts of predator included
-cockpit positions updated
-vehicle camera system changed

Build 0.0.7b (October 23)
-art updates
-map updates
-new map added (no name yet)
-infantry skin updated
-some preliminary effects added
-herc spawning code added
-badgerATC values tweaked

Build 0.0.7c (October 30)
-art updates
-map updates
-weapon effects updates
-various weapon values tweaked
-smoke grenades added (launcher only)

Build 0.0.7d (November 2)
-Various Badger tweaks
-infantry jet bursting code added
-More console spam removed
-Tutti frutti and Raspberry flavors added
-Various map tweaks
-flag issues fixed

Build 0.0.7e (November 6)
-art updates
-some new level assets added
-map updates
-gui updates
-fix for server not running a couple files
-turret health increased from 500 to 7500
-badger cockpit fixed
-Ronco pocket fisherman price dropped
-herc mass decreased from 300 to 200
-wraith mass increased from 100 to 150
-a few weapons fixed to fire where you aim at properly

Build 0.0.7f (November 9)
-art updates
-map updates
-more new level assets added
-wraith third person camera fixed
-wraith cockpit slightly repositioned
-wraith weapon models given correct muzzle points
-some sounds updated
-some main menu changes
-hercs can be destroyed again
-herc health increased from 100 to 10000
-teleporter returned to previous values
-Freebird and Stairway to Heaven added to song rotation list
-laser turret fire sound added
-laser turret beam width increased
-laser turret focusing properly
-laser turret fire rate reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second
-laser turret projectile linger time reduced

Build 0.0.7g (November 16)
-art updates
-map updates
-different lasers got correct colors
-added sounds
-fixed bug with a function started in the main menu running forever
-teleporter effects tweaked
-turret focus found to be inaccurate so disabled for now
-limited down rotation for laser turret
-set third person camera on wraith to roll with it
-players limited to being able to use only one vehicle at a time
-vehicle associated to player is now destroyed when they die or leave the server
-changed a setting to decrease map loading time
-assorted server side errors fixed

Build 0.0.7h (November 20)
-art updates
-sound updates
-wraith roll force increased from 200 to 230
-grenade launcher impulse reduced from 200 to 100
-various collision improvements and fixes
-teleporter effect tweaked
-particle improvements
-badger atc tweaked
-predator movement physics tweaked
-wraith rocket effects tweaked
-horizontal compass added
-small play gui tweaks

Build 0.0.7i (November 27)
-art updates
-map updates
-lots of new level assets added
-new weapon effects added
-compass position changed
-compass size changed
-compass now hides when hud hidden
-badger atc spread reduced from 80% to 20%
-badger atc fire rate reduced from 0.075 to 0.15
-badger atc lifetime/range increased from 600 to 1000
-FD&C yellow #5 added
-turret laser width increased
-rss reader added to GUI

Build 0.0.7j (November 30)
-art updates
-map updates
-fixed a rendering bug with the radar
-radar range increased
-fixed an issue to reduce vehicle tires sinking into things
-filled out network options tab

Build 0.0.7k (December 4)
-art updates
-map updates
-vehicle engine sound code enhanced
-wraith weapons tweaked (includes bomb experimentation)
-rss feed code properly integrated with main menu
-laser turret alternating fire working properly
-fixed bug where the vehicle engine sound disappeared on dedicated servers

Build 0.0.8 (December 7)
-map updates
-emancipator model updated
-predator model updated
-wraith engine sounds updated
-badger engine sounds updated
-hud graphics changed slightly
-fixed graphics bug that caused game to crash
-fixed radar ordering so things are displayed properly
-laser turret refire rate increased from 1 second to 0.5 seconds
-all herc weapons firing
-engine sounds configured
-rss gui given small tweak

Build 0.0.8a (December 11)
-fixed mounts on eman in main menu
-added simple coloured windows
-map rotation list for servers
-fixed animation for player death when in a vehicle
-fixed laser turret dismounting bug
-death message system expanded
-cleaned out some unneeded files
-wraith explosion updated
-map updates
-fixed team select box to keep game from crashing
-improved wraith firing solution
-badger atc fire rate reduced from 0.15 to 0.3
-disabled cluster bomb and remote detonation on main wraith bomb
-increased wraith bomb damage radius from 25 to 40
-increased wraith bomb fire rate from 0.1 seconds to 5 seconds

Build 0.0.8b (December 14)
-infantry sounds added to/updated
-disabled some conflicting preferences from being created and used
-fixed bug so server now has a proper time limit
-added display for remaining mission time
-remote detonation added to launched grenades
-some bugs with death message system fixed
-map preview screen added
-improved map loading screen added
-simple command map added

Build 0.0.8c (December 26)
-map updates
-art updates
-improved command map
-fixed some bugs with the mission timer
-GUI button colours changed
-added hotkey to spawn pred for testing purposes
-disabled some keybinds that weren't doing anything
-reworked jumping scheme
-weapon switching improved
-vehicle impacts improved
-infantry fall damage speed increased from 20 to 32
-respawning base turret
-herc mounting turrets
-herc not colliding with mounted turrets
-improved turret control scheme
-wraith bomb radius reduced from 40 to 30

Build 0.0.8d (January 4)
-map updates
-art updates
-skin updates
-minor skin code change
-hotkey added to spawn herc for testing purposes
-initial debris added
-badger driver can now fire turret (in addition to gunner)
-herc weapons disappear on death
-preliminary damage model in place
-turret respawn fix
-basic weapon pivot control
-weapon pivot control compensating for orientation

Build 0.0.8e (January 8)
-art updates
-map updates
-new wraith explosion
-infantry footsteps back in
-changed how menu model works
-grenade remote detonation fix for mp
-small changes to death messages
-finished rss list dropdown
-starting unused junk clean up

Build 0.0.8f (January 15)
-art updates
-map updates
-loading map screens improved
-another fix for grenade remote detonation
-updated an animation on emancipator
-new shell music track
-replaced menu model with random image display
-more file clean-up

Build 0.0.8h (January 22)
-art updates
-map updates
-more junk clean up
-font changes
-loading screen revisions
-turret auto-repair added
-laser rifle revised
-extra badger skins added

Build 0.0.8i (January 29)
-art updates
-map updates
-main menu image system updated
-wraith bomb values tweaked
-wraith debris values tweaked
-new explosion animations added
-added ability to change opacity of images in gui
-infantry footstep sounds revamped
-more file removal

Build 0.0.8i (February 5)
-art updates
-sound updates
-map updates
-footstep sounds fixed
-vehicle explosions revamped
-preliminary damage model
-added check to prevent menu image from displaying twice in a row
-revamped vehicle files
-added bird in hand to prevent two in bush
-infantry weapon skins switchable
-infantry weapon nodes checked
-square dust eliminated
-more junk file removal

Build 0.0.8k (February 12)
-art updates
-map updates
-fixed bug that allowed a dead player to spawn vehicles
-grenade launcher effects changed
-fixed bug where camera shaking had stopped working
-more damage model work
-teleporter effect changed
-new explosion added
-some audio code changes

Build 0.0.8l (February 15)
-art updates
-map updates
-added art pack
-some sound changes
-more damage model work
-added code base for ragdoll
-added improved grass replicator
-added terrain surface selector
-fixed some paths for the editor
-humpty dumpty still not put together
-wraith weapon effects tweaked

Build 0.0.8m (February 19)
-art updates
-map updates
-ragdoll now functional
-model fixes
-changed how tire dust works
-further damage model work
-added tire tread marks
-redirected rss news feed from test server

Build 0.0.8n (February 22)
-art updates
-map updates
-anisotropy fixed
-saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico
-tire treads don't look right, disabled for now
-fixed bug that prevented mission music from playing

Build 0.0.8o (February 26)
-art updates
-map updates
-server join screen re-arranged
-some skin swapping code tweaked
-fixed bug introduced by the ragdoll that stopped vehicles from reacting properly
-changed when mission music starts playing
-ran with scissors
-minor sound code tweaks
-added new advanced AI system
-put down advanced AI uprising
-deleted advanced AI
-turret constraint work
-file cleanup

Build 0.0.8p (March 5)
-art updates
-map updates
-music added
-gui tweaks
-audio tweaks
-fixed "missing spawn points group" bug
-maps semi-optimized for lower loading times
-connect by ip fixed
-hud updated
-player controlled animations enabled
-vehicle explosions changed again
-badger health temporarily increased
-compass fixed to point in the right direction
-file cleanup

Build 0.0.8s (March 12)
-art updates
-map updates
-wraith speed and collision tweaks
-wraith reverse speed/thrust reduced 60%
-decreased time it takes to initiate teleport
-removed old teleporter particle effect completely
-badger suspension tweaked slightly
-preliminary repair trigger in place
-fixed a bug in the spawning code
-small source tweak to improve server performance

Build 0.0.8t (March 15)
-art updates
-map updates
-bottomprint location changed
-fixed bug in a damage related function
-fixed bug for a crash involving vehicle collision
-wraith hover height increased
-wraith hover dust effect added
-wraith damage emitters added
-badger tire dust now using terrain colours as needed
-badger damage emitters added

Build 0.0.8u (March 22)
-art updates
-map updates
-added ability to change speed of static shape animations
-multiple speeds for windmills
-reduced third person camera distance for badger
-fixed bug in footstep/dust code
-fixed bug that allowed a destroyed turret to continue being fired
-turret constraint code in place and working
-fixed command screen to show shapebase objects
-wraith ATCs now working

Build 0.0.9 (March 30)
-art updates
-map updates
-map cycle bug fixed
-increased health of badger turret from 500 to 1000
-fixed crash involved badger and a destroyed turret
-herc cockpit now visible
-expanded the skin system
-improved join server screen

Build 0.0.9a (April 7)
-art updates
-map updates
-turret auto-repairs correctly now
-join server screen adjusted to work better on different resolutions
-fixed bug where canceling a server query disabled the join server screen completely
-added to options gui the choice between jpg and png screenshots
-fixed bug in damage emitter system
-added mission markers and other navigation aides
-added preliminary sensor functionality
-falling crash bug fixed
-fix bug that caused people to join the wrong server
-team and gametype rewrite started
-ctf now functional

Build 0.0.9b (April 12)
-art updates
-map updates
-removed all resolutions below 800x600 from gui options
-added toggle for navigation markers
-updated hud graphics and layout
-added code to switch hud layouts depending on situation (ie. infantry vs vehicle)
-flag now obeys gravity

Build 0.0.9c (April 16)
-art updates
-map updates
-fixed flag sounds
-fixed health bars to work in a dedicated server
-weapon cycling improved
-number of console errors resolved
-collision damage increased slightly
-team switching re-enabled
-respawn options added
-flag marker visibility options added

Build 0.0.9d (April 23)
-art updates
-map updates
-random audio bug fixed
-added sun and lens flares
-infantry repair station now working

Build 0.0.9e (May 3)
-art updates
-map updates
-herc foot triggers now working
-herc footprints now working correctly
-dust from herc steps showing up properly
-added fps hud
-fps hud properly shown and hidden
-laser turret damage dropped from 4500 to 450
-herc files re-organized
-fixed bug where herc turrets remained after death

Build 0.0.9f (May 7)
-art updates
-map updates
-improved vehicle turret death
-number of map objects improved code wise

Build 0.0.9g (May 15)
-art updates
-map updates
-dramatically increased the heal rates of the infantry repair stations
-added particle effect to infantry repair station
-functional vehicle spawning pads
-line of sight check added to nav markers
-firing chains functional

Build 0.0.9h (May 22)
-art updates
-map updates
-fixed bug involving overlapping gui elements and focus
-ground shake from heavy machinery
-issue where sensors were not animating fixed

Build 0.0.9i (May 29)
-art updates
-map updates
-resolved issue with dismounting
-your own vehicle now invisible while in first person
-weapon cycling fixed
-no more carnivorous trees

Build 0.0.9j (June 7)
-art updates
-map updates
-fixed issue with wraith firing
-some weapon effects updated
-resolved issue with fog and cockpits
-how laser turret behaves changed
-issue where turret lasers didn't appear to go as far as they actually did resolved

Build 0.0.9j1 (June 8)
-art updates
-map updates
-wraith bombs fixed
-wraith super fast missiles fixed
-wraith rear engine exhaust added
-laser projectile updated
-turret projectile fixed

Build 0.0.9j2 (June 11)
-art updates
-map updates

Build 0.0.9k (June 19)
-art updates
-map updates
-weapon effects overhauled
-wraith bombs no longer stuck in full auto
-wraith effects working
-vehicle spawn pad code updated
-vehicle spawn effects added
-damage model updated
-mission no longer cycles while using the editor
-grenades no longer usable while in a turret
-commander map mouse dragging added

Build 0.0.9l (June 27)
-art updates
-map updates
-weapon effects updated
-damage zones added
-camera system changed slightly
-ground shake tweaked for all hercs
-fixed issue where MissionCleanup wasn't being created properly
-some console errors resolved
-fixed issue with a datablock limit crashing the game
-damage model updated
-commander map updated
-some herc speeds changed

Build 0.0.9m (July 3)
-art updates
-map updates
-turret rotation method updated
-flag model updated and animated
-reduced vehicle cleanup time
-made ambient animation automatic
-armour damage model complete
-turret debris speed decreased
-various vehicle mass tweaks

Build 0.0.9n (July 10)
-art updates
--added death animation to the athena
--added some electronic display objects
--added textures for electronic display objects
--added multiple coloured light glow objects
--added flag bunker object
--added museum object
--updated yellow light interior texture
--spinning insignia texture updated
--added to and modified existing emancipator animations
--added new rock and rock debris models
--removed some wraith explosion textures
--added new antenna model
--added blue hologram model
--added red hologram model
--converted some jpg files to png
--added some new textures
--updated city block objects
--added new interior emap texture
-map updates
--added Canyon map
--added a bunch of sky textures
--updated Hellforge
--updated Tropico_night
--updated ShiftingDust
--updated Arid
--updated Tropico
--updated Mesa
--updated TritonsRage
--updated Firewalk
-fixed bug that made a number of things invincible
-some weapon scripts added
-some weapon scripts updated
-some weapon sounds added
-badger damage emitter levels changed
-changed emancipator to use two weapons instead of three
-some weapon effects updated
-cleaned up some of the prefab files
-added flag bunker prefabs
-temporarily disabled weapon groups code
-fixed a bug that prevented some weapons from firing
-cleared up a number of vehicle pad related console errors
-changed herc damage and death sounds

Build 0.0.9o (July 26)
-art updates
-map updates
-added ability to mount particles to nodes
-updated how badger wheels behave
-hitboxes working properly
-fixed turrets continuing to fire when they shouldn't
-pad spawned wraith now get proper ammo amount
-commander map improved
-turret code updated to fix a few issues and add gui feedback

Build 0.0.9p (August 9)
-art updates
-map updates
-additional fixes for turret jitter issue
-game saves the player name right away without having to quit first
-a number of turret options given on/off toggles
-fixed issue with terrain texture blending
-added additional volume lighting code
-number of background code changes
-cockpit scheme changed

Build 0.0.9q (August 18)
-art updates
-map updates
-turret sound fields added
-turret rotation system tightened up/finalized
-fixed minor issue with explosions
-small herc movement update

Build 0.0.9r (August 23)
-art updates
-map updates
-fixed small issue with turret sounds
-further herc movement updates
-vehicle weapon constraints working properly
-auto turrets added
-flag dropping/throwing crash fixed
-hackable switch added

Build 0.0.9s (August 31)
-art updates
-map updates
-further herc movement updates
-herc death animations
-hercs explosions and debris
-sensor system in place

Build 0.0.9t (September 4)
-art updates
-map updates
-fixed issue where you could directly enter vehicle turrets
-further herc movement updates
-base turret rotation speeds adjusted

Build 0.0.9u (September 10)
-art updates
-map updates
-fixed issue with herc explosions and death animations not always showing up
-further herc movement updates
-added mouse invert and sensitivity options
-fixed offset OK button in options screen
-increased herc dismount distance
-changed point scoring scheme
-fixed issue with vehicle cleanup and changing teams
-fixed issue with Goad crashing game
-fixed issue with autoturret shots not appearing at right spot
-removed non-atr items

Build 0.0.9u (September 10)
-art updates
-map updates
-fixed issue with herc explosions and death animations not always showing up
-further herc movement updates
-added mouse invert and sensitivity options
-fixed offset OK button in options screen
-increased herc dismount distance
-changed point scoring scheme
-fixed issue with vehicle cleanup and changing teams
-fixed issue with Goad crashing game
-fixed issue with autoturret shots not appearing at right spot
-removed non-atr items

Build 0.0.9v (September 18)

-art updates
-map updates
-tweaked badger driving values
-fixed issue where mouse invert and sensitivity options didn't have any defaults
-enabled suicide in all cases (was previously disabled)
-fixed issue where dead bodies disappeared too quickly
-removed infantry knockdown effect
-fix a few graphical issues on join server screen
-added version number to join server screen
-possible fix for death messages being reversed
-removed more non-atr items

Build 0.0.9x (September 29)
-art updates
-map updates
-badger dust tweaked
-badger tire treads updated and enabled
-vehicle repair pad code improved
-herc movement code updated
-armor level display added
-shields and shield display added
-fixed bug with command map where sensor coverage didn't always show
-armor code updated
-preliminary base power code

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