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The Things We Know

The Things We Know

Posted by: IVIaedhros on Tue Jan 24th, 2006 at 9:38 PM
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This list is a short compilation of various 2845 facts from different sources. All of these have been, at one time or another, been confirmed by a 2845 developer. If you see an error or you have something that you think needs to be added, contact me. There are two sections, the first section details information that covers the completed versions of the game. The second portion gives some general facts.

  • Release date: The Rapture or when Hell freezes over, whichever comes first.

  • The ground will appear to shake when hercs are close enough to a footman. This may or may not appear in the ATR.

  • The final versions will be released on the Torque Shader Engine (TSE) while the ATR will be released on the older Torque Game Engine (TGE).

  • The multiplayer will be available as a free download. The single player campaign, however, whether the single player is free or not is Vivendi's (owner of StarSiege:Tribes franchise) decision.

  • The MP's size is projected to be at least 1200MB

  • Cybrid Infantry will hold 2 weapons at once (one in each hand) which can be fired either together or separately.

  • Human infantry can use one weapon at a time and carry 2 additional weapons, for a total of 3 plus the default melee weapon (saber, mace). In addition they also can carry grenades or a satchel pack. cybrids will have a melee attack, but no weapon since they don't need one.

  • There will be female versions to the infantry armor.

  • Infantry will come with cloaks as standard.

  • The pilot class (human, cybrid) are basically much weaker infantry. They will not be able to mount comparable weapons or gear, such as cloaks.

  • Pilots carry 1 ranged and 1 default melee weapon, few grenades, no cloaks or special abilities, less armor, slower than infantry, weaker in some other areas I won't elaborate on

  • All infantry weapons will have limited ammunition.

  • Infantry (not including SCARABs) will be able to carry optional jet packs. They will not operate as they did in Tribes however and there will be no skiing.

  • Only infantry and pilots will be able to use turrets.

  • Infantry will have various combat moves at their disposal. These include normal/long jumps, combat roll, crouch, prone, etc.

  • Infantry will not show up on radar.

  • Infantry will have satchel charges and more than one type.

  • The Plasma Cannon is non-seeking.

  • Mounting equipment from a different race, cybrid/human and vice versa, will come with a weight penalty.

  • There will be no torso twisting or universal ammo pack.

  • There will be no cybrid campaign or playable Trojan Horses

  • The Compendium will be making a return. It will be aprox. 120 pages and it will cover both game play and fictional aspects.

  • The Compendium will be released as a separate download, divided into 2 portions. The first to be released will cover gameplay and a later one will cover story aspects.

  • Only the juggernaut vehicle class (Hellhammer, Subjugator) will be able to mount XXL weapons.

  • Maps and updates will be auto-downloaded.

  • Turrets will slowly regenerate their health. Infantry and SCARABs will be able to carry nano packs that can be used to speed up the process.

  • The Wraith, and it is likely that the other fighters will be similar, will have no side strafing capability. The Argus and the cybrid equivalent will have it.

  • Both key board and joystick controls will be supported.

  • Emancipator is 7 meters tall, SCARAB is 4.5 meters tall, infantry is 2 meters tall.

  • Clancore is now development partners with Creative Labs, who will be assisting them with OpenAL and EAX sound implementation in the final release. They might also provide some free advertising, depending on how things go.

  • Omnifighters will be able to spin.

  • The wraith (and presumably other flyers as well) are planned to have the ability to use cluster bombs in the final version.

  • The wraith will have two default guns w/limited ammo. They'll fire explosive rounds with 3-4m blast radius. It will also have 2 small wing mounts and around 10 bombs.

  • OpenAL and EAX 1.0/2.0 are already supported in stock TGE (and I assume TSE). At minimum we're looking into adding EAX 3.0 support, possibly 4 and 5 but those are iffy.

  • Turrets will have alternating modes of fire.

  • There will be an observer mode available. Observers will have access to their own vehicle as well as a HUD.

  • The cockpits will be modeled separately from the vehicle. They will also respond to heavy fire and various other situations, though your aim will not be knocked around like in MechWarrior 4. You will be given an option to turn off the cockpit displays.

  • The SCAP will not be in the game, but the SMOD will be a function of each shield generator.

  • Juggernauts will have shield generators as well as armor.

  • The heavy blast cannon and the mortar is an XXL weapon and can only be used by juggernauts.

  • There will be no water based vehicles. This includes amphibious HERCULANs and tanks.

  • Variable ammunition types (cluster, AP, etc) will not be present. Neither will you have the ability to assign different amounts of ammunition to weapons.

  • You cannot redistribute armor.

  • Vehicles will be unable to cap flags in the standard CTF mode. Instead the task will fall to the footmen.

  • There will be no usable transport capable of moving vehicles.

  • Aircraft will not have shields.

  • Due to the capabilities of both the TGE and the TSE game engines, maps will have the potential to be extremely large, though gameplay and hardware issues will have some effect.

  • There will be cinematics, but they most likely will be made using in-game graphics.

  • Infantry will be able to get up onto hercs via several methods, though precisely how has not been said.

  • There will be plenty of community functions available for 2845. These are planned to include: strong and easy-to-use admin powers, an observer function that allows for easy shoutcasting, auto-download of skins and maps, and a "bulletin board" that reports updates from the 2845 website.

  • The game will be made with moding in mind and will include large amounts of assets for mappers, skinners, scripters, and actual modders.

  • Some type of night vision will be available.

  • The command map, in-game inventory stations, and quickchats will be virtually identical to the way Tribes 2 handled them, with a few tweaks, while the waiting room/configuration area will be almost identical to the one used in the original StarSiege.

  • There are 6 alternative game types being made besides WAR, DM and CTF. They are: Deathrace 2845, Supply Line, King of the Hill, Convoy, Assault, Team Death Match. Explanations.

  • While there is no technical cap on the # of players per server, don't expect huge numbers of people to be practical. IE: around 100. However, 64 players should be perfectly possible, the main limitation be client side.

  • There will be no Knight's or Platinum versions of the vehicles.

  • There will not be hit scan weapons. This means that no weapons will hit instantly. Beam and other fast moving weapons will be moving at high enough velocities that they seem instant.

  • Vehicles will be much more dependent on armor then they were in StarSiege.

  • At least one new armor variation has been added to the ones in StarSiege.

  • To keep track of the progress of 2845, Trajan has put out a Build List that shows what progress has been made thus far. For an explanation of just what those numbers and letters mean, click here.

Numbers Breakdown

    The Final Multiplayer
  • 19 HERCs

  • 6 Flyers

  • 4 Support vehicles

  • 9 Tanks

  • 2 SCARABs (Infantry Heavy Armor)

  • 15 SCARAB weapons

  • 28 Infantry weapons

  • 39 HERC/vehicle weapons

  • Completely customizable HERC configurations

  • 8 gametypes

  • Engine: TGE:A (next generation of TGE; view specs, pictures, and video here)

Alpha Tech Release 38
  • Engine: TGE (the engine with which Tribes 2 was produced)

  • 3 HERCs

  • 1 Flyer

  • 1 Support vehicle

  • 5 infantry weapons

  • 12 HERC/vehicle weapons

  • DM ,TDM, CTF gametypes

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