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Posted by: IVIaedhros on Sat Mar 25th, 2006 at 12:00 PM
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Ventrilo is a free program that can be used to transmit voice messages between multiple computers via the internet. Ventrilo features surround sound, key binding, and recording capability as well a built-in text messenger. The-Junkyard is proud to be able to offer online voice chat free of charge to all of its users. Ventrilo is supported with Windows and Mac OSX 10.3 There is a 3rd party version that works for Linux, but it is not officially supported.

Channel Information

In order to use our channel, you must first go to Ventrilo's website and download the appropriate software. Once it's installed and running, click the arrow next to User Name and create a new user ID. After that, click the arrow next to server and enter the below information.

Server Info
Hostname or IP:
Port number: 4235
Channel name: The-Junkyard
Channel password: The-Junkyard
The channels are organized alphabetically so ours is near the bottom.

Chat Room Descriptions

Almost every room in tJY's channel is a gaming room. The gaming rooms are for just that: gaming and gaming only. These rooms are open for both squad use in pick-up games and tournaments as well as for the general public. Please use the specified room for your game if there is a specific one, otherwise use one of the general gaming channels. The only other channels are Open Chat and Open Interviews. Open Chat is like our general forum. This can be used for basically anything from chatting with whoever shows up to coordinating a squad match. Only other thing about this room is try to use the text messenger if there are a bunch of people in the room and you only need to talk to one. Open Interviews is for when tJY staff conducts an interview with someone and the public is allowed in to listen and ask questions. Closed Interviews is off public limits.

1. If you feel that additional channels should be added, feel free to contact me.

Da' Rules

Since this channel is for public usage and even more importantly, the server is not owned by The-Junkyard, it's important to play nice because otherwise the channel fails its original purpose at best and at worst the server admins get pissed and we lose the channel and if that happens you may rest assured that heads will roll.

  1. Thou Shalt Use Thy Head And Be Courteous To Others

  2. Thou Shalt Obey The Admins

  3. Thou Shalt Not Invade Other Channels

Odds and Ends

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