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TeamSpeak II

TeamSpeak II

Posted by: IVIaedhros on Fri Apr 21st, 2006 at 12:12 PM
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TeamSpeak is a program that allows users to communicate over the internet via voice and text. It provides a variety of features including the support of large numbers of clients simultaneously, powerful administrative options, recording functions, and key binding among others. TeamSpeak is currently compatible with most versions of Windows and Linux. Mac OSX is not officially supported though an unofficial version is available. The-Junkyard is proud to offer this service to our members without any requirement of registration or payment.

Channel Information

In order to use our channel, you must first go to TeamSpeak's website and download the correct software. Once you've installed it and you're in TeamSpeak, click "Connection", then "Quick Connect" and enter the Server Address and your nickname. Finally, scroll down until you get to our channel.

Server Address:
Channel Name: The-Junkyard
Channel Password: The-Junkyard

Sub-Channel Descriptions

Every sub-channel except for two is a gaming channel. They are for just that, gaming and nothing else. All of these rooms are free for squad use in tournaments and pick-up games as well as for the general public. The two exceptions are Open Chat and Open Interview. Open Chat serves a similar function to our General Discussion board where you can talk with anyone about anything. This serves as an excellent meeting place. One quick note though: if there are a bunch of people in the room and you only need to speak to one, please use the whisper or text features. Moving on, Open Interviews is for when tJY decides to interview one or more people and the public is invited to come, listen in, and participate.

1. If you feel that additional channels should be added, feel free to contact me.

Da' Rules

Since this channel is for public usage and even more importantly, the server is not owned by The-Junkyard, it's important to play nice because otherwise the channel fails its original purpose at best and at worst the server admins get pissed and we lose the channel and if that happens you may rest assured that heads will roll.

  1. Thou Shalt Use Thy Head And Be Courteous To Others

  2. Thou Shalt Obey The Admins

  3. Thou Shalt Not Invade Other Channels

Odds and Ends

  • If you're confused as to which program to use, keep this in mind: TeamSpeak can support a higher number of players and it tends to lag less, while Ventrilo's sound quality is a good deal higher, especially with it's surround sound feature. If you want more details, read this.

  • Because TS can accommodate large numbers of people, we are capable of providing free hosting for clans and other organizations as well as for temporary events like scrimmages, tournaments, etc. If this is something that interests you, contact me. However, I highly recommend that you instead get your own channel with our gracious hosts over at Easy Gaming.

  • Please don't advertise tJY's TeamSpeak channel. It's perfectly fine to bring in whoever you're playing with, but don't go shouting in the streets that people can come in here for free. This is just something to help our viewers out and we want to keep it for our viewers and their friends.

  • For the sanity of others and yourself, please do not set your microphone to voice activation. This will almost always produce an echo effect. Instead, go to Settings-->Sound Input/Output Settings and check Push To Talk.

  • If you're having trouble with TeamSpeak for some reason, try either asking about it in the General Chat, or the TeamSpeak forums. Just be sure to check their FAQ and use the forum search first because chances are your question has already been answered..

  • One final time: if you have any complaints, issues, or suggestions you may feel free to email me.

Server hosted by Easy Company

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