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Army LDAC/11B AIT Quick Sheet

Posted by: IVIaedhros on Sat Dec 30th, 2006 at 7:45 PM
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This is mostly a really quick memorization list for stuff you need to know to get through LDAC (Leadership Development and Assessment Course) and become a second lieutenant, with some extra bits that I threw in to help get through Infantry Basic and AIT. I highly recommend you make laminated cards of some of these lists, particularly the 9 Line Medevac.


Radio call given when you spot another force, enemy or unknown.


Radio call and standard check. Team leaders need to keep track of this. Main time to report is immediately after a fire fight. Responses are given either green (good), yellow (minor problems-could need help soon), red (completely out, something's out of commission)

The 5 S's

Principles to remember when dealing with EPW's (Enemy Prisoners of War), most commonly applied directly after a firefight and you're in danger of being counter-attacked.


As soon as you are given a hint as to what the mission will be, a warning order is issued so that no one is caught with their pants down.


Common factors that you should think about when planning any action that will involve potential enemy contact.

5 Point Contingency Plan
Common things to think about should everything hit the fan. These specifically apply to leader's recons, but the general ideas apply everywhere.