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link to this file HBO News Feed Screensaver
Download HBO News Feed Screensaver
File Size: 93.57 kb
Format: .dmg
Downloaded: 1912
Since: 08/17/2005
This screensaver downloads the current day's news, from Halo.Bungie.Org (HBO), which is provided by an RSS Feed. An internet connection is required when the screen saver runs, to download the news items from HBO.

Click for the full shot.

link to this file Flying Halo Screensaver
Download Flying Halo Screensaver
File Size: 441.83 kb
Format: .dmg
Downloaded: 2685
Since: 08/17/2005
Remember that old flying toaster screensaver from system 7 days? Well, it's back!... well... not really. This screensaver uses the same concept, but with that great Halo logo that we all love! -Edwin Davis

Click for the full shot.

link to this file Halo 2 Expansion Pack Information Page
Download Halo 2 Expansion Pack Information Page
File Size: 100.06 kb
Format: .zip
Downloaded: 1998
Since: 03/22/2005
This is a cached version of the Halo 2 Expansion Pack information page available from before it was removed from public view on March 22, 2004. Thanks to TheLethalSpartan for providing the archive on the HBO Forums.

link to this file Halo 2 WinXP Icons
Download Halo 2 WinXP Icons
File Size: 142.22 kb
Format: .zip
Downloaded: 5263
Since: 12/03/2004
BOLL has created a set of 59 32*32 Halo 2 icons for Windows XP. Icons include various characters, weapons, and vehicles from the game.

link to this file Halo 2 Max OSX Icons
Download Halo 2 Max OSX Icons
File Size: 922.44 kb
Format: .sit
Downloaded: 2959
Since: 12/03/2004
Edwin Davis has created a set of 38 128*128 Halo 2 icons for Mac OSX. Icons include various characters, weapons, and vehicles from the game and still others which are not.

link to this file Covenant Font
Download Covenant Font
File Size: 14.56 kb
Format: .ttf
Downloaded: 5618
Since: 10/16/2004
Based off the Covenant-style, code font located in the images at, MrFluffyPants has compiled a TrueType font of the characters.

Please note that only uppercase, alphabetical characters are available in this font.

To install on a Windows-based machine, perform the following tasks:

* Start --> Run, type in "fonts" (without the quotes)
* Drag the covenant.ttf file to the Fonts window. Windows will copy the font to your system's fonts folder and make it available for use.

link to this file Dana - Answering Machine
Download Dana - Answering Machine
File Size: 34.32 kb
Format: MP3
Downloaded: 1917
Since: 07/23/2004
This is a 4 second MP3 of the answering machine message received when calling the number listed in the WHOIS contact information for - rumored to be a viral marketing campaign front for Halo 2.

link to this file Halo 2 Screenshots - E3 2004 Press Image
Download Halo 2 Screenshots - E3 2004 Press Image
File Size: 3.87 MB
Format: .zip
Downloaded: 1771
Since: 05/11/2004
This ZIP archive of compressed images from's E3 2004 Press section contains seven 2560x1290 extremely high resolution JPEG images of Halo 2 multiplayer.

The archive can also be downloaded from its original location at

link to this file Halo 2 Fact Sheet
Download Halo 2 Fact Sheet
File Size: 50.18 kb
Format: .doc
Downloaded: 1542
Since: 05/11/2004
This Halo 2 Fact Sheet was released by Microsoft as part of the E3 2004 Press page, located here. It contains typical PR information that is truthful about the game up to this point. Worth a download!

The file's original download location from can also be accessed.

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