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Updates, patches and additions to the game.

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link to this file ATR Patch 1.1a
Download ATR Patch 1.1a
File Size: 10.9 MB
Format: .exe
Downloaded: 1587
Since: 01/15/2007
The list of changes is very exhaustive, so please see version.txt in the root SS2845 install directory for a full list. This patch should fix a lot of the stability and crashing issues that people were having, and is the updated 1.1 patch that IVIaedhros mentioned earlier.

How to use Server Admin features
At the bottom right of the players screen (hit F2 while in game) you will see a Login button. Press that and type in the server admin password set in the preferences ($Pref::Server::AdminPassword) and click OK to login. You can also use the console function SAD(Password); to the same effect.

Once you have logged in, you will be shown as a [Super] on the gui and will be able to right click any player on the gui. Right-clicking a player will bring up a menu with Kick and Ban. Those are the only two options at this time. To clear the popup without selecting a menu item, you can either left click on any player or close the gui.

IMPORTANT: After applying the patch, go to C:\Program Files\Starsiege 2845 Alpha Tech Release\SS2845\base\prefs and delete your CLIENTPREFS.CS, SERVERPREFS.CS, and CONFIG.CS FILES.

After that go to C:\Program Files\Starsiege 2845 Alpha Tech Release\SS2845 and run cleanDSO.bat before starting the game. You will need to reset your configuration data after doing this.

Thanks to ClanCore Network for the download.

link to this file ATR Patch 1.0a
Download ATR Patch 1.0a
File Size: 10.7 MB
Format: .exe
Downloaded: 1464
Since: 10/26/2006
What's fixed in 1.0a:
-added Firewalk, Hellforge, and Bottleneck maps
-various existing maps tweaked
-herc animations updated
-weapon balance tweaked
-herc turret health increased
-herc turret aim ranges tweaked
-reduced console spam
-wraith collision schemes tweaked
-added area for clients to enter password to access servers that have them
-hand held grenades limited to 5 ammo with a 1 second cool down time
-minor gui tweaks
-badger atc tweaked
-base turret reticle alignment fixed
-number of flags captured now displayed on HUD
-changed default packet settings
-increased vehicle mounting distance
-possible fix for too many people in wraith issue

After the install is finished please make sure to navigate to the games install directory (default is C:\Program Files\Starsiege 2845 Alpha Tech Release\SS2845) and double click the CleanDSO.bat file to run it

It is recommended that you change your network settings (in the game under Options>Network button) to the following:

Client Packet Rate: 19
Server packet Rate: 22
Packet size: 215

More details are available here and here. Thanks to for the download. An update to the patch was made on 10/27/2006, which brought the patch size up to 10.7MB. If you downloaded this patch prior to the update, you will need to download it again.

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