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link to this file ATR 2
Download ATR 2
File Size: 30 MB
Format: .exe
Downloaded: 1509
Since: 04/14/2002
While not as dramatic as ATR1, ATR2 was still something to be cherished. Housing the Minotaur, the Myrmidon, the Emancipator and our favourite, the Goad ATR2 was a ton of fun. Like ATR1, you'll have to provide your own servers but a call in our Forums, we're sure ... will bring the veterans wanting to play.

link to this file ATR 1
Download ATR 1
File Size: 15 MB
Format: .exe
Downloaded: 1738
Since: 04/14/2002
Despite it's file name, this is ATR1 (Alpha Technology Release 1). THIS is what started the Universe. Although Dynamix's ATR1 Master servers have long since been taken down, you can host your own games and more often than not you'll find at least one server put up by a die-hard fan. Though the graphics may not be pretty and the control rather sloppy, this ATR means more to the "veterans" than words.

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