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link to this file Human Ending
Download Human Ending
File Size: 25.08 MB
Format: .avi
Downloaded: 1274
Since: 02/10/2006
The cinematic you see should you finish the human campaign and defeat Prometheus. The events described in this ending are considered canon and they are what future events, such as those in the Tribes and SS:2845, are based off of.

link to this file Cybrid Campaign Ending
Download Cybrid Campaign Ending
File Size: 29.29 MB
Format: .avi
Downloaded: 1448
Since: 02/10/2006
The cinematic that you see should you complete the cybrid campaign and kill Harabek. Please remember that some of the events in the cybrid campaign such as the death of Caanon and Harabek and the destruction of Dies Irae are not considered part of the official story.

link to this file Introduction
Download Introduction
File Size: 15.69 MB
Format: .avi
Downloaded: 1248
Since: 02/10/2006
The famous intro movie from StarSiege, featuring that kid with the British accent.

link to this file Starsiege in Development
Download Starsiege in Development
File Size: 8 MB
Format: .mov
Downloaded: 1707
Since: 04/14/2002
A look at Starsiege in it's early development process. The soundtrack is some good listenin' and the quality of this movie is great. Highly worth the download if you want see what Starsiege WAS like.

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