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link to this file Master Server Fix
Download Master Server Fix
File Size: 0.52 kb
Format: .zip
Downloaded: 5498
Since: 05/17/2004
While the Starsiege master server 1 remains down, download and extract this modified addrbook.cs file to your X:\Dynamix\Starsiege directory to ping the servers that are placed in it.

Additionally, it is recommended that you comment out the first master server from your X:\Dynamix\Starsiege\scripts\master.cs file. Your modified master.cs file should look like this:

//$Inet::Master1 = "";
$Inet::Master2 = "";
$Inet::Master3 = "";
Notice the two // in front of $Inet::....

See this post on our forums and this newspost for more information.

link to this file s1000to1003_usa
Download s1000to1003_usa
File Size: 1.34 MB
Format: .exe
Downloaded: 5353
Since: 09/10/2002
Upgrades v.1.000 Starsiege to v.1.003 Starsiege.

link to this file StarsiegeWin2k_US
Download StarsiegeWin2k_US
File Size: 3 MB
Format: .exe
Downloaded: 4486
Since: 04/14/2002
Allows you to install Starsiege on Windows XP and Windows 2000 systems. If you have Windows 2000 / XP, then you will need this unpacker in order to install Starsiege. Download this patch to your hard drive, stick your SS CD into your CD ROM and double click on the patcher. It'll take things from there. You will then need to upgrade Starsiege to v.1.004 below.

link to this file s1003to1004_usa
Download s1003to1004_usa
File Size: 660 kb
Format: .exe
Downloaded: 4319
Since: 04/14/2002
Upgrades v.1.003 to v.1.004, the latest Starsiege patch.

link to this file s1002to1004_oem
Download s1002to1004_oem
File Size: 1 MB
Format: .exe
Downloaded: 2006
Since: 04/14/2002
Upgrades v.1.002 OEM (came with some hardware, etc.) to the latest patch.

link to this file s1000to1004_uk
Download s1000to1004_uk
File Size: 2 MB
Format: .exe
Downloaded: 2709
Since: 04/14/2002
Upgrades the UK "out of the box" version to the latest patch, 1.004.

link to this file s1000to1004_usa
Download s1000to1004_usa
File Size: 1 MB
Format: .exe
Downloaded: 6563
Since: 04/14/2002
Upgrades the "out of the box" version of Starsiege to the latest patch, 1.004.

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