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link to this file Tribes v1.8 to 1.11 Patch
Download Tribes v1.8 to 1.11 Patch
File Size: 5.84 MB
Format: .exe
Downloaded: 78341
Since: 05/04/2004
Update Starsiege: Tribes from version 1.8 (currently out-of-the-box version) to version 1.11 (latest version).

link to this file Tribes v1.105-1.11 Patch
Download Tribes v1.105-1.11 Patch
File Size: 538 kb
Format: .exe
Downloaded: 6807
Since: 03/28/2002
Upgrades Tribes v.1.1.05 to v.1.11 (latest). Fixes several cheats.

link to this file Tribes v1.0 to 1.11 Patch
Download Tribes v1.0 to 1.11 Patch
File Size: 5 MB
Format: .exe
Downloaded: 19914
Since: 03/28/2002
This patch upgrades Tribes v.1.0 (out of the box) to v.1.11 (latest patch). Fixes several cheats.

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