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Update 11/18/2004: As a result of the amount of inappropriate and otherwise seemingly random hosting applications we have received over the last while, I must make this point explicitly clear:
the Junkyard is not a free hosting service for random pages on the internet. We provide hosting for high quality gaming websites related to those games that we cover. Any hosting applications not adhereing to these regulations will be automatically deleted.

Zoooop! What we offer:

Unlimited Space:
With tJY you are free to build your site and host your files without having to worry about exceeding your quota. However, if we find that you are abusing your space with items such as pr0n, warez, or otherwise illegal material your site, space and files will be revoked without notice.

Moreover, we must stress that we are not a file server. While we do not impose a quota - we do so to enable you to freely build your site without having to compromise your creative mind. We run routine, weekly checks on all folders and files on your site and will not hesitate to suspend your account if we find you are hosting files that do not pertain to your site or are necessary to host. It's simple, don't abuse us and we won't abuse you.

Free Unlimited Email Accounts:
Tired of those slow, unprofessional looking or emails? We will give you unlimited free email accounts for your site personnel to use.

Powerful scripting and coding tools at your fingertips.

Although all sites are given CGI execution capabilities, they are enabled upon request only. Please let us know if you require CGI access and we will be more than happy to enable it for you.

MySQL databases are set up on a per-user basis and are only granted to high quality, professional sites, sorry. Email us to see if your site qualifies.

Small, Easy to Remember URL:
We will set you up with a small easy to remember URL: or a subdomain:

With hosting from the Junkyard, your site gets exposure from all of our visitors and we will advertise for you till our faces are blue.

Tech Support:
... and lots of it! If you're having trouble with a script, your HTML or just getting your site to look how you want it to, we can help.

Free Forum:
Every hosted site will get their own customizable forum accessible through our vBulletin board.

Zoooop! What you must do:

If you like what you see and want to become part of the Junkyard Network, you must first follow a few guidelines:

The most prominent of the guidelines that we impose upon you is to keep your site looking professional, and UPDATED. Although we recognize that not everyone has a lot of time to keep their site updated daily, we don't want "dead" sites. Keeping your site looking professional means that you can't masquerade around with a few pages, text and images slapped together. We expect you to keep your site updated regularly.

In addition to this, you cannot host any illegal or otherwise trashy information or files on your site. This includes pr0n, warez, viruses, hacks, etc. If you have any questionable material instead of uploading it and having us find out about it, contact us first and we'll talk.

Finally, you must display a tJY button (view available buttons here). Please note that this button must be prominently displayed and on every page of your site.

IMPORTANT: You must have a site, or example of your work up on the 'net somewhere for us to look at. DO NOT submit this form unless you have one. If you have any questions (as special accounts can be set up), email us. YOUR HOSTING APPLICATION WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DECLINED IF YOU DO NOT SPECIFY A SITE URL!

Zoooop! Sign me up!

All hosting inquiries can be emailed to mhaddy @
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