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 The Master Hand
Mon May 17th, 2004
Posted by: Mhaddy at 00:48 AM link to this newspost

If you've tried to play Starsiege online lately, you've probably noticed that there aren't any servers showing up. This is because one of the master servers is still down. But fear not - there is a fix! Prompted by this post in our forums, Jeff replied with a fix. In short, because master server 1 is still down, all you have to do is comment it out from your master.cs file. This is how your master.cs file should look with master server 1 commented out:

//$Inet::Master1 = "";
$Inet::Master2 = "";
$Inet::Master3 = "";
Kudos to Jeff for prompting the spur in the forums!

Update: Aldaron has posted an additional fix that involves a modified addrbook.cs file. See this post for more details and background information or skip directly to the file and instructions.

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