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July Update
 July Update
Sun Jul 10th, 2005
Posted by: IVIaedhros at 08:59 AM link to this newspost

The 2845 board has once again lit up with another update and it's a big one. In it, Trajan details what has been going in and what they have implemented so far. And of course, there's the eye candy :D


Besides coding, the big reason the game is being delayed is that base architecture had to be completely redesigned due to the TGE's technical limitations. On a different note, Trajan is very happy with the amount of sound and art assists his team is generating. The devs have made a huge amount of miscellaneous sound effects and skyboxes (20+) and many of those will eventually be available to mappers, including the ones the devs do not use. After dispensing that, Trajan gave the coding break-down.

-initial herc code included
-large and various art updates (maps, sounds, etc)
-fixed some key remapping errors
-changed the cloaking scheme so infantry can now cloak anytime
-added Time Aste art content pack #2

-made all the keys remappable
-added explosions to the badger and wraith deaths
-added ability to toggle the HUD on and off (ctrl+h)
-wraith model updated
-wraith skins included
-panorama screenshot enabled
-initial wraith weapon started
-grenade launcher now using proper projectile
-moved various configuration files to the prefs folder
-depot can now be closed properly
-various gui fixes

*Important note* The ATR will only run on Windows, however the final will run on Linux and possibly and Macs

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