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ATR Patch 1.0a Released
 ATR Patch 1.0a Released
Thu Oct 26th, 2006
Posted by: Mhaddy at 09:02 AM link to this newspost

IVI mentioned yesterday that we'd be seeing the first of a series of small patches released for the ATR, and today, we've got 1.0a. Aside from the numerous bug fixes (bye-bye crashes!) to the HERCs, maps, and GUI along with the tweaking of various items, the dev team has included three new maps for us to play with. Hit the comment thread below for a full list of changes in the patch, or click the jump below to get the goodies. Be advised, this patch sports a big, bold, yellow warning:

After the install is finished please make sure to navigate to the games install directory (default is C:\Program Files\Starsiege 2845 Alpha Tech Release\SS2845) and double click the CleanDSO.bat file to run it

It is recommended that you change your network settings (in the game under Options>Network button) to the following:

Client Packet Rate: 19
Server packet Rate: 22
Packet size: 215
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