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1.1 Patch Available for DL
 1.1 Patch Available for DL
Thu Nov 30th, 2006
Posted by: IVIaedhros at 09:37 AM link to this newspost

Lots of changes again, click here for a complete list.

Known Issues
The quickchat sounds work for some people and not for others. We've been diddling with this for several days now and have been unable to discover the problem. We will keep working on this and the solution will be presented in an updated 1.1 patch in the near future.

How to use Server Admin features
At the bottom right of the players screen (hit F2 while in game) you will see a Login button. Press that and type in the server admin password set in the preferences ($Pref::Server::AdminPassword) and click OK to login. You can also use the console function SAD(Password); to the same effect.

Once you have logged in, you will be shown as a [Super] on the gui and will be able to right click any player on the gui. Right-clicking a player will bring up a menu with Kick and Ban. Those are the only two options at this time. To clear the popup without selecting a menu item, you can either left click on any player or close the gui.

IMPORTANT:After applying the patch, go to C:\Program Files\Starsiege 2845 Alpha Tech Release\SS2845\base\prefs and delete your CLIENTPREFS.CS, SERVERPREFS.CS, and CONFIG.CS FILES.

After that go to C:\Program Files\Starsiege 2845 Alpha Tech Release\SS2845 and run cleanDSO.exe before starting the game. You will need to reset your configuration data after doing this.

Those of you who dismissed the ATR when it was first released should give it another go. It's still only an ATR, but by and large the glaring tech issues have been fixed and the main problem is just finding a server with enough people to have fun. Comments >>

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