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AGP Spring 2003 Halo Championship
 AGP Spring 2003 Halo Championship
Mon Mar 17th, 2003
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This news about the upcoming AGP Spring 2003 Halo Championship comes to us from Jay Umboh. If you're in Nashville, TN on April 12-13, be sure to check this out!

The AGP, a professional video gaming league using Xbox and Halo as platform are holding their second event, the “AGP Spring 2003 Halo Championship”, being held in Nashville TN at the Downtown Hilton on April 12-13, 2003. The AGP strives to elevate console gaming to the next level. They mainly hold big prize tournaments, using hotel ballrooms as venues. At the time, the AGP’s first event was the largest Halo event with the largest cash prize ever. If you missed the first event, you missed out on a great tournament. Walking in the venue, gamers were impressed with the set, complete with a stage, lights and big screens for viewers to watch the games. It is a big production. Many of the top Halo players were there, including Darkman who won the singles event, and his team, The Dream Team, who also won the team event. If you consider yourself a great Halo player, this is the place to be on April 12-13, 2003. If you are a novice, this is a good place to learn from the best. For more information, visit the AGP at $7,000 cash + products are guaranteed no matter how many teams show up. Everyone is guaranteed at least 8 games and great fun. Go see what the AGP is trying to accomplish for console gaming.
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