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 How to install and run Starsiege in 2020
Tue May 19th, 2020
Posted by: Mhaddy at 01:20 AM link to this newspost

5 years after Hi-Rez Studios acquired the Tribes license from Garage Games in 2010, they decided to release all of the games in the Tribes universe, including Earthsiege, Earthsiege 2 and Starsiege for free. That's amazing, but... that was still 5 years ago and the master servers were long since dead (2008 was our last update).

But fear not! Jenetrix and Wilzuun's got you covered. Here's what you need to get Starsiege up and running in 2020.

Step 1. Download and install the latest build of the game that has some patches enabling it to run on Windows 10.

Step 2 (optional). Download and install the extras that contains skins, glide wrapper, BMP remap tool, and the original documentation.

Step 3. Replace the contents of your master servers (master.cs) with the following (last updated Dec 9, 2018):

// master.cs
// Last Updated 12/09/18

$Inet::Master1 = ""; // Jenetrix's Master
$Inet::Master2 = ""; // Wilzuun's Master
$Inet::Master3 = ""; // Jenetrix's Backup Master

// Legacy Master Servers
// $Inet::Master1 = "";
// $Inet::Master2 = "";
// $Inet::Master3 = "";

$inet::IPBroadcast1 = "IP:broadcast:29001";
$inet::IPXBroadcast1 = "IPX:broadcast:29001";

# times here are in ms
$pref::maxConcurrentPings = 20;
$pref::pingTimeoutTime = 1500;
$pref::pingRetryCount = 2;
$pref::maxConcurrentRequests = 10;
$pref::requestTimeoutTime = 3000;
$pref::requestRetryCount = 2;

Step 4. Replace your addrbook.cs with the contents of this updated file, which contains a list of servers not currently broadcasting to current master servers (as of Apr 24, 2020). Create the addrbook.cs file if it doesn't exist in the root folder.

That's it! If you're stuck, visit the forum thread for more information or join the Discord channel if you're still stuck.

 New Starsiege Master Servers
Thu Jun 5th, 2008
Posted by: Mhaddy at 08:50 AM link to this newspost

Death-Strike brings word that a new master server has been put up for Starsiege - yes, the community is that dedicated. Editing of your Master.cs file and replacing its contents with those below will enable you to once again join the fray!

//Master is hosted by Eye.

$Inet::Master1 = "";
$Inet::Master2 = "";
$Inet::Master3 = "";

$inet::IPBroadcast1 = "IP:broadcast:29001";
$inet::IPBroadcast1 = "IP:broadcast:29001";
$inet::IPBroadcast2 = "IP:broadcast:29002";
$inet::IPBroadcast2 = "IP:";
$inet::IPBroadcast3 = "IP:";
$inet::IPBroadcast4 = "IP:";
$inet::IPBroadcast5 = "IP:";
$inet::IPBroadcast6 = "IP:";
$inet::IPBroadcast7 = "IP:";

# times here are in ms
$pref::maxConcurrentPings = 20;
$pref::pingTimeoutTime = 1500;
$pref::pingRetryCount = 2;
$pref::maxConcurrentRequests = 10;
$pref::requestTimeoutTime = 3000;
$pref::requestRetryCount = 2;

//$Inet::Master1 = ""; // original
//$Inet::Master2 = ""; // original
//$Inet::Master3 = ""; // original

 Tribes 1 Master Server Goes the Way of Starsiege's
Sat Jul 21st, 2007
Posted by: Mhaddy at 16:38 PM link to this newspost

Well, it was inevitable. Sierra announced earlier this week that it would end multiplayer support for 20 of its "heritage" titles, including Tribes 1, on August 16th. While this news, to some, may seem like the end of playing Tribes 1 online, Starsiege vets will remember the community fix that was put in place when Sierra ended Starsiege multiplayer support. To that end, Bloodyboots from our forums pointed out that a community run Tribes 1 multiplayer master server is already in the works, care of Tribes One.

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 RSS Reader Clarified
Wed Nov 30th, 2005
Posted by: Mhaddy at 09:37 AM link to this newspost

We mentioned a few days ago that in the latest SS:2845 build, an RSS reader was incorporated into the GUI, but details surrounding what exactly it was were unclear. Trajan has now clarified that it will be used to easily post game related news and announcements ingame from a website.

Like for example an announcement of master server downtime, an upcoming patch, that sort of thing. This allows us to be anywhere in the world and post news by using just a standard web browser, and the news will show up directly on the games main screen when people play.
He goes on to say that it may be opened up to community related news sometime down the line. Comments >>

 Updated Master Server?
Wed May 19th, 2004
Posted by: Mhaddy at 23:21 PM link to this newspost

Jeff revisits the Starsiege master server issue that we brought up a couple of days ago. Apparently, Butterbean of RA has been in contact with Sierra and found out that the Starsiege and Tribes master servers now point to a new address: I have yet to try this out on my system, but word is that only AK and CA servers do not show up after editing your master.cs file; all other servers are visible.

See this post in our forums for more information. If you don't know how to update your master servers, check out this news post for instructions. Additionally, if this fix doesn't work for you, be sure to pick up the alternate master server fix in our files section. Drop by the comments thread below or the original thread to let us know your results.

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 The Master Hand
Mon May 17th, 2004
Posted by: Mhaddy at 00:48 AM link to this newspost

If you've tried to play Starsiege online lately, you've probably noticed that there aren't any servers showing up. This is because one of the master servers is still down. But fear not - there is a fix! Prompted by this post in our forums, Jeff replied with a fix. In short, because master server 1 is still down, all you have to do is comment it out from your master.cs file. This is how your master.cs file should look with master server 1 commented out:

//$Inet::Master1 = "";
$Inet::Master2 = "";
$Inet::Master3 = "";
Kudos to Jeff for prompting the spur in the forums!

Update: Aldaron has posted an additional fix that involves a modified addrbook.cs file. See this post for more details and background information or skip directly to the file and instructions.

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 We've Got Maintenance...
Mon Sep 9th, 2002
Posted by: Mhaddy at 15:31 PM link to this newspost

Worthy of note if you're trying to play SS, T1 or T2 - Sierra has scheduled maintence for today and tomorrow on some of their games. Word from the SS community forums is that the Starsiege master servers are down. However, if you've got a hankering to play, visit this thread for server IP's.

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