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SS:2845 Open Interview

SS:2845 Open Interview

Posted by: IVIaedhros on 12/31/2004
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Click for the full pictureServer Modications

Dark_Phoenix_{9thIL}: For starters, can people modify the # of players per server outside of the normal 32 person limit in order to make it larger, such as a 64 person server?
Trajan: You probably can do that, but unless the upcoming patch for T:V fixes the netcode in a major way, going over 32 would be...not a good idea …
Dark_Phoenix_{9thIL}: So even people with high-end bandwidth capable of running dedicated servers would doubtfully go above 32?
Trajan: The server code would bring even moderately powerful server to their knees….I suggest you check the tribalwar forum>tribes talk and do a search for "servers" for more info.

Engine Preference

IVIaedhros: Thnx for the link, I'll ask a question: if you could transfer SS:2845's current work over to another engine, what would you pick?
Trajan: UT2k4
IVIaedhros: Why is that...I've heard a lot about the source engine...what makes it better?
Trajan: Source may be better but it would require us to rework 90% of our assets, not an option. UT2k4 already has the majority of vehicle code we need, only thing we'd have to put in would be HERC code, but that's not an option either because it's not owned by VU.

32 vs 64 player gameplay

Dark_Phoenix_{9thIL}: In a similarly related question, do you consider being able to only have 32 people per server a drawback and why?
Trajan:: Of course, but we have to play the hand we're dealt. If we could, 64 and up would be ideal. Like I said earlier, hopefully the upcoming patch tweaks the netcode, otherwise 32 is it.
Dark_Phoenix_{9thIL}: So you believe that tactics might be limited by 16 people? Considering the amount of teamwork required for the WAR game type, it might be challenging to with 32.
Trajan: I didn't say that. I believe 64 people would allow for more monumental feeling gameplay.

Tactical design

IVIaedhros: I have a development question: do you guys design gameplay to favor certain tactics or do you mostly design the game and let people come up with their own stuff?
Trajan: The last one; trying to design a game that forces people to play only a certain way leads to the bargain bin. We're giving you the tools, and multiple ways to achieve objectives. it's up to the players to figure out how they want to do it .

In-Game Voice Support

Dark_Phoenix_{9thIL}: Will SS2845 support an In-Game Voice chat system using Microphones, or will users have to get an additional client, such as TeamSpeak, to talk to each other?
Trajan: Additional client, the net code is problematic already. Why would we add to that load? Also, having to listen to dumb asses spew racist/sexist/profanity filled remarks every pub...


Dark_Phoenix_{9thIL}: So what are you guys going to do to address the issue of cheaters?
Trajan: We're not doing anything, this is a MOD, we have no control over that unless it's a cheat enabled by something we added.

Map DL'ing

Dark_Phoenix_{9thIL}: So it will be much like StarSiege where the only 'mods' will be done by the server not by the client?
Trajan: Any changes made to the game have to be server side, there is no client side scripting .
Chemeleon: Keep in mind that there is no longer anything like server side mapping, so even the slightest change will require the client to download the map.

Fears for 2845

IVIaedhross: Alright I have question: what are you most of afraid of that could go wrong with this mod?
Trajan: Let's just say I'm not afraid of anything going wrong with the MOD and leave it at that.
Sectaurs: Well said, Trajan; I've no worries about our team fulfilling expectations.
Chemeleon: The main problem I worry about at this point is the internet overloading and going down due to our huge popularity upon release ;)

Map Hubs

Dark_Phoenix_{9thIL}: Will the SS2845 site support the download of new maps as a 'hub' of sorts, or will we have to search for them or get them from the makers directly?
Chemeleon: Not sure…Trajan would have to answer that...I know ut2k could download maps when you connected to the server, but I vaguely remember seeing someone say that was broken in Tribes: Vengeance, so not sure if that is currently supported.
Trajan: T:V auto download works. A fix was found for it by the community. I believe that is one of the things that will be fixed in the patch. And to answer the [original] question, we won't offer the map downloads but we will advertise and rate them. will be the site that functions as the map depot. We've already worked out the hosting with them and they have some nice community features.
IVIaedhross: Yes, you mentioned that before...besides them and TWL,, are there any other 3rd parties your planning to get help from?
Trajan: Definitely, we've gotten approached by some other leagues and such, like shout casting stations, but it's premature to even bother lining anything up this early,
Vortex: Just trying to clarify, new maps will be downloaded via website as well as streamed by connecting in game, correct?
Trajan: Yes

Click for the full pictureThe EMP

Dark_Phoenix_{9thIL}: HERC-Combat wise, do you expect people will go for the EMP + Other combo weapons still, or will we see more 'unique' figures?
Trajan: The EMP will not be as important in this game as it was in SS. The game is being designed to be more armor centric, not shield centric.


Vortex: I'm curious, what makes ClanCore different from all other companies that claim to be community based? Many (like bungie) state they are gamers themselves and such, so what makes Clancore different from all those that have had the same mantra?
Trajan: We don't get paid. It doesn't get any more community than that. While this presents certain hardships, the plus side is we have no budgets, stockholders, time constraints, etc, to worry about.
Chemeleon: ^^ We do it entirely because we want to, whereas those at Bungie or wherever have a regular paycheck as incentive.
and we have no people getting pissy over why bob the concept guy gets paid more than I do
IVIaedhros: It sounds like you guys set enough time constraints on yourselves without someone else ;)
Trajan: I'm an impatient asshole :p, actually I'd say it's a combination of everyone constantly being amazed at what they contribute being handled by many other people and the cool way it turns out in the end.

ATR playability

Vortex: Hey, about the ATR…I can't recall, but didn't you state earlier that it would be usable only for a limited time?
Trajan: Yeah, but...some things have changed, that may…repeat "may" no longer be an issue. The thing people need to remember is this, the ATR is NOT representative of the final game. It is simply something were releasing so people can run around like idiots.

T:V and the ATR

Vortex: Another ATR question, will the ATR still require T:V to play?
Trajan: Yes
IVIaedhros: They have a legal agreement about that right?
Trajan: Yes, there is a legal agreement.

Hardest assigment

IVIaedhros: What have been some of the hardest assignments that you, personally, have had to take on?
Chemeleon: I think the brid models overall are the hardest. Keeping all the curves smooth while staying on target for poly count can be tricky. The human models tend to be sharp angles and straight edges, and therefore much easier to model

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