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Tribes RPG: Upcoming Additions

Tribes RPG: Upcoming Additions

Posted by: Mhaddy on 01/19/2001
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The ingenious mind behind one of the most in-depth Total Conversions for Starseige: Tribes has agreed to answer a few of our questions concerning The Tribes RPG mod (TRPG).

Firstly I'd like to thank Mat for his information pertaining to this interview... as well as for his patience while the site was down for a few weeks.

the Junkyard:Hello Mathieu "JeremyIrons" Bouchard, could you please identify yourself and what the Tribes RPG is all about for our visitors?

JeremyIrons: My real name is Mathieu Bouchard, but over the Internet, I go by the name of JeremyIrons. Yes, Mr. Irons is an actor but I didn't know this when I started using that name... I heard it on a few TV shows and started using it for video games. Now on to Tribes RPG: TRPG is actually a Total Conversion (probably one of the most complicated, if not THE most complicated TC ever created). People call it the RPG mod out of habit. To keep things simple, TRPG is sort of like a free EverQuest or Asheron's Call. There is an overwhelming amount of features both for players and server owners. In fact, TRPG's strong point lies in its powerful admin features which enables server owners and delegates to control the TRPG world on their server through chat commands and even scripts. New features are constantly added, so the game rarely gets boring. When players do reach the point of boredom, they typically leave for a month or two and return to a completely different TRPG

tJY: With the current build of the Tribes RPG, I'd say that this mod is pretty complicated, approximately how many man hours did it take you and your team to complete the current build?

MB: This is an interesting question because I've always been too scared to figure this number out. Here something interesting that I've calculated in the past: It takes approximately 2 minutes to load my RPG. Every time I compile it, I increase the version number by 0.001. I've used this version-ing system for about 1 year, but the MOD has been in steady development for about 2 years. The current version is 4.268. This means that I've probably spent around 285 hours (or 12 days) watching my RPG load up while developing new features. I've probably played my MOD just as much as I've spent developing it... I'm scared to add up the numbers. Then I'd have to count the hours that contributors have invested into the MOD... Sorry but I don't think my calculator can hold that many numbers!

tJY: Are there any plans to create a Tribes RPG for Tribes 2? Utilizing the many new effects and terrain options available?

MB: Yes, I do plan on creating TRPG2.

tJY: What, in your mind so far, would warrant change in the sequel of the Tribes RPG (story-line wise)?

MB: Well... TRPG 1 doesn't have a story-line, so I think one of the steps I'll be taking for TRPG2 is getting a story-line created.

tJY: Will any new Weapons, Skills, Magic, or Armor be added in the Tribes 2 version?

MB: Hell yes! That's the whole reason why I will be moving TRPG to Tribes 2. There will be countless weapons and new items. In fact, Tribes 2 will also be flexible enough to allow the creation of items while in-game. This means customizable weapons and armor.

tJY: How will the new community features of Tribes 2 tie in with your project?

MB: I'm not completely sure about that yet, but one thing I know for sure is that character sharing between servers will become a reality in TRPG2. This means that it will be possible to assign certain servers certain worlds, and a player would be able to cross over onto another server and into a new world.

tJY: What, in your highly qualified mind, do you think determines a well-rounded and overall "r33t" Tribes RPG player?

MB: A well-rounded Tribes RPG player is someone who gives the MOD a good try before giving up, because the learning curve is quite steep. This player should also be courteous to other Tribes RPG players both in-game and out-of-game. Basically, a well-rounded Tribes RPG player is a patient player, and also someone who isn't an a--hole =) (Believe me Tribes RPG servers have their fair share of those...).

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