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Below are links that will take you around the Halo community. We have tried to keep this list accurate and up-to-date, but as communities grow larger and larger it becomings increasingly difficult to stay on top of things. If there are any errors, or if you'd like to update your site, please notify the webmaster.

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Please note that links on the Halo 1 and Halo 2 pages are complimentary. Meaning that, some Halo 1 links may also be Halo 2 links, and vice versa.

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Official Official

  The folks who make Halo. A screamin', barmy lot they are, but developers don't come any better than this.

Gearbox Halo PC Forum
  Gearbox Software's official Halo PC forums.

Halo: Combat Evolved
  Microsoft's Halo site. Official information about Halo PC.

Microsoft Halo PC Support Site
  Microsoft's official Halo PC support site that contains a slew of troubleshooting tips to help you out with your Halo PC problems.

The Seventh Column
  The official fan-gathering circle, courtesy of Bungie. Used by Halo fans worldwide to organize events and kibitz over the game. If you want to find other Halo players around your parts, here's the place to do it.

Truth and Reconciliation
  The official Halo site, courtesy of Bungie. Halo Forum
  The official Microsoft-sponsored message board for Halo on [editorial comment: This place is extremely asinine. Enter at your own risk.] Good for... well, something, I assume. You're now entering a zone of lesser experience and intellect. Halo Site
  The Halo site at A bit sparse, and mostly just for marketing, but there's some good content you can't find anywhere else.

Fan Sites Fan Sites

1337 Guide
  The 1337 Guide has an assortment of trickery and information about the game of Halo.

2070 Wired
  Hosted by none other than The Junkyard, 2070 Wired Films, run by Dan Chosich, boasts some of the finest editing seen in Halo videos. To his credit are Halo Seven and Halo 50K Framework.

  A great, nice-looking Halo site. Home of the Halo Flash Game and the comic Echo 419.

-  Submitted by: MrFluffyPants.

Alpha Base
  A tight-knit Halo clan/community. Like that sweater your grandma gives you every year for Christmas.

-  Submitted by: MrFluffyPants.

Battle Rifle Productions
  A great site with a lot of up and coming work. We make flash videos of your favorite game... Halo!!! We have some great forums where you can express your suggestions and ideas. So come check us out and give us a try.

-  Submitted by: arsenic.

Cobalt Nova
  A very reputable Halo PC league backed by some of the big dogs, such as Gamespy.

  A Halo fansite affiliated with Gearbox Software as a Halo CE fan and promotional site.

-  Submitted by: Mhaddy.

Demolish N' Ambush Clan
  Demolish N' Amush is skilled Halo PC Clan.

-  Submitted by: Willu.

Fire Team Charlie (XboxOttawa)
  Home of the Fire Team Charlie videos popularized by HBO, XboxOttawa integrates humour into all of their Halo video creations.

Forerunners dot org is a new website composed of a community of member websites devoted to Bungie Studio's games: past, present and future.

-  Submitted by: silver.

  The heart of FragNutz is our clan, "FragNutz". Lots of content floating around here including ALL of the Red Vs Blue movies with permission from The forums over here are pretty active too, you can pick up a lot of tips here.

-  Submitted by: kinetik20.

H2W Halo 2 World forums
  Some Great halo 2 forums, all info on Halo, Halo 2, Halo PC and XBOX and loads more

-  Submitted by: akhtar.

  This is a Halo 1 and 2 faniste with detailed descriptions on all levels, weapons, characters, vehicles, and more. There are also some downloads and a bit of news too. Updated regularly and not totally complete yet.

-  Submitted by: AWF1209.

  Aesthetically pleasing Halo PC dedicated site with forums, links, maps, etc. Check it out!

-  Submitted by: silver.

Halo 2 Glitches
  Halo 2 Glitches, Halo 2 Strategies, Halo 2 Super Jump and much more cheats & hints for Halo 2.

-  Submitted by: Halo 2 Glitches.

Halo Addict Forum
  A place where you can speak your mind! A place to come and discuss Halo 2 strategy, set-up clans, exchange Gamertags and get the latest hints, tips and screenshots! Read game reviews! Write your own game review! It's a place to relax and unwind after a long day of killin your friends in Halo!

-  Submitted by: stormin4.

Halo Babies
  A Halo-based online comic strip.

Halo Center
  Your place for all the HALO 2 and HALO PC/CE/MAC information... downloads too!

-  Submitted by: silver.

Halo Command Central
  Halo Command Central, part of the network of Bungie sites, has a bit more than the usual content that is offered by most fan sites; take note of the whole "Information" section, with well-thought-out content.

Halo Maps
  Halo CE Multi-player map archive and Halo related Machinima

-  Submitted by: Dennis.

Halo Online
  A recent Halo fansite, general information. Good design, spartan content, frequent updates. [editorial comment: Updates seem to be less frequent, but important events are mentioned.]

Halo Reamped
  Halo Reamped hosts some fan art as well as the usual content about the Xbox version of Halo.

Halo Relic
  Halo and Halo2 fan site. Our site has the remaining glitches on Halo2, a forum, and a chat room. Come and join the newsletter to recieve current information on Halo2 and the web site.

-  Submitted by: Halorelic.

Halo Rocks!
  Halo, Halo 2 and Halo 3 news, merchandise, chat and wallpapers, and XBox 360 news and game info.

-  Submitted by: dixta.

Halo Story Page
  A subsect of HBO, these guys are devoted to discussing in detail the many aspects of Halo's story.

Halo Universe
  A German Halo news site.

Halo Zone
  This Halo fan site is packed with up-to-date news, game information, modding tutorials, forums, and more.

-  Submitted by: Zornack.

  A halo resource site that cover all games

-  Submitted by: Harry.

Halo-Combat Duty
  A Halo fan site, in construction, by Bew Yack.

-  Submitted by: Zornack.
  The original Bungie Halo site, outmoded by Truth and Reconciliation. Now defunct. (HBO)
  The most prominent Halo fan site (part of the network, your source for everything Bungie-related). 90% of everything fan and Halo comes through here first.

  Another Halo fansite with a nice design, recent news and connections to a network of other gaming sites. Has the usual Halo information, as well as forums regarding the game and mods available.
  Home of Bonk, another trickster and explorer. Nice site design and lots of good movies.

  A site for all who love Halo & Halo2

-  Submitted by: A Hired Gun.

  Addicted to the best games on Earth, Halo and Halo 2! Everything for Halo and Halo 2 including, hints, tips, screenshots, forum discussion, promo items, etc.

-  Submitted by: stormin4.

HALOChat - The Unofficial HALO Discussion Forums
  HALOChat is the home for unofficial HALO Discussion. Talk HALO, HALO PC, HALO 2 and more.

-  Submitted by: halochat.

  Home of the Sidewinder Saga, Halogamers produces narrative Halo videos and attends Halo tournaments.

  A Flash-y site (no pun intended), HJP creates fan videos, with quite the creative site.

  Hub of the Halo modding community and host to many mods, modding utilities, and custom maps.

-  Submitted by: MrFluffyPants.

  A regularly-updated Halo news site. One of the larger ones around. Some decent content, and active forums. Run by the former crew of Battleground: Halo, see here for more details.

  A large, popular, old-school Halo fansite. Good information, frequent news, nice staff. UK-based. [editorial note: these guys recently acquired a new domain and gave the site a massive redesign sporting all-new content. THE place to go for UK Halo action. At latest look, however, the site appears to have no content. Let's hope they get this fixed.]

House Of Halo Forum
  A free to use Halo 2 forum with mods, videos, glitches, polls, superbounces and much more.

-  Submitted by: digi duck.

  A Halo fan site in the making, includes strategies, glitches, weapons, and more!

-  Submitted by: Zornack.

Podtacular! Halo 2 Podcast
  The unofficial Halo 2 for Xbox Live! Podcast. Packed with tips and tricks, map-specific strategies, objective-based game methods, custom game library and more!

-  Submitted by: mikedfunk.
  An old, established, and well-respected fansite featuring all things Bungie-related.

Red vs. Blue
  The team at RvB are the people that bring you the Blood Gulch Chronicles, and are singlehandedly responsible for introducing the method of storytelling through the Halo engine. Humor is abound at Red vs. Blue.

  Excellent, sufficient site that keeps up to date with the news. Deserves kudos for being ahead of the game. The new colour scheme is quite wild, so don't look at it too late at night. :P

-  Submitted by: warrior3.

Slayer Pro Productions
  We are BIG Halo fans, and we make some of the best Halo videos around (along with some other types of videos, but mostly Halo).

-  Submitted by: drgnslyer.

TCLN Halo PC League
  A Halo PC league by TCLN.

Team 7HR33
  Home of Team 7HR33, Halo Explorers extraordinaire. They take a close second to FrogBlast in terms of trickery, and their site is top-notch. Very nice.

  You can check this site out for nifty ideas and articles for your favorite game: Halo. Whether it be PC/Mac/CE, soon to be Halo 2.

-  Submitted by: silver.

  A professional video gaming league and home of the AGP Spring 2003 Halo Championship.

The Silent Cartographers
  Consisting of old Bungie fans, The Silent Cartographers are a Halo PC modding group with a helluva lot of talent.

Them vs. Us
  An online community focusing on Halo. Site includes a small flash series Them vs US. Currently in production as we speak. Also has an automated halo rpg.

-  Submitted by: arsenic.

  Home of the notorious FrogBlast and all his trickery... this man has gone so far with Halo, and messed it up in so many different ways, that he's the idol of the entire community. A great site.

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