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Below are links that will take you around the Halo 2 community. We have tried to keep this list accurate and up-to-date, but as communities grow larger and larger it becomings increasingly difficult to stay on top of things. If there are any errors, or if you'd like to update your site, please notify the webmaster.

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Please note that links on the Halo 1 and Halo 2 pages are complimentary. Meaning that, some Halo 1 links may also be Halo 2 links, and vice versa.

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Official Official

  Bungie is the game developer we all know and love. They've made quite a few great games, including Halo: Combat Evolved, the Myth series, the Marathon Trilogy, and of course, Halo 2.

Microsoft Halo 2
  Microsoft's official page for Halo 2.

The Seventh Column
  The Seventh Column is the Bungie-sponsored fan site for Halo (and Halo 2). Join a chapter or create your own to organize games with all your friends, or other chapters near you.

Truth and Reconciliation
  The Truth and Reconciliation site is Bungie's official Halo website, featuring news, images, outtakes, and general fun.

Fan Sites Fan Sites

  Site for Halo 2 Extremists. We also offer sponsorship for Halo clans, among other things.

-  Submitted by: thirstyg.

343 Guilty Spark
  An enthusiast Halo 2 site hosted by the Junkyard, covering nothing but Halo 2 "stuff". Their slogan is "Your 100% Unofficial Halo 2 News Source".

  Clantacular is an online clan league for clans on halo 2. Clans sign up along with there members then compete agaisnt other clans in a fiersome battle to climb the ranks in one of the numerous clan ladders.

A growing and active community of over 2500 users.

Sign up today!

-  Submitted by: Toonyan.
  See why is the fastest growing Halo 2 friend finder site on the web. Create your profile to begin the exciting journey towards finding XBOX LIVE friends or recruit clan members for Halo 2. is a free "service". The "Service" is providing the tool for Gamers to find other Gamers, in particular... Halo 2 Gamers for XBOX LIVE Party-ups. is NOT affiliated with or Microsoft Games. We offer this service for free. You will never be asked to pay for this service. If you are looking for other players to party-up with for matchmaking or if you are a Clan looking to recruit members, you will find the tools available in this free service will increase your chances for finding gamers you actually enjoy playing with. Our only goal is to make it easier for you to keep up with your friends and find more compatible players to party-up with. Even if your XBOX LIVE gamertag expires, you do not have to register a new account on, you just need to change your Gamertag in your profile and your friends will now know your new gamertag and stats instantly on!

-  Submitted by: Clantacular.

  Halo 2 machinima clan, Creators of Black & White.

-  Submitted by: stocko2k.

  A gaming goodies site featuring videos, flash games, gaming jukebox, reviews, walkthroughs, and so much more!

-  Submitted by: EvilOreo22.

Halo 2 Icons for Mac OS X
  The very first Halo 2 Icon set for Mac OS X.

The Halo 2 Icon set consists of 38 128x128 high-res Icons of various characters, weapons and vehicles from the game. There are even some vehicles (such as the warthog variations) which I included, that are not on the final game.

Created by Edwin Davis

-  Submitted by: eddav.

Halo 2 Nation
  Simply a Halo 2 fansite which interacts with their users and provides information based upon the game.

-  Submitted by: halo2nation.

Halo Rules
  An enthusiast site full of fan videos, pictures, tricks and more.

-  Submitted by: motherstooth.

  Information about Halo and Halo 2 - vehicles, weapons, and more. The site also plans to launch an online Halo wargame soon.

-  Submitted by: {DEVIL)}. (HBO)
  While originally a Halo: Combat Evolved site, HBO also covers almost ALL the Halo and Halo 2 related news that enters the web. Go here if you want your news fast and reliable.
  A Halo 2 statistics site

-  Submitted by: xATHENAx.

  Halo 2 Based Forum

-  Submitted by: A Hired Gun.
  Cool site, awesome forums!

-  Submitted by: Bubbs.
  Halo forum and community for news, videos, commentary and discussion of all things related to the Halo titles.

-  Submitted by: Halomega.

Ninjas on Fire
  Ninjas on Fire is Halo 2 community site, with forums, a gallery, and general game information.

  PraetoriaGuard - An up and coming Halo 2 clan, Movies, forums, and more!

-  Submitted by: HymnToNinkasi.

Red VS Blue Wars
  The Red VS Blue Wars will have you choosing a Army and Fighting all the Battles in hope to win the war of Red VS Blue.
-=Join Forums to learn more=-

-  Submitted by: dxdoug.

Team-Mythic Community
  Team-Mythic is a clan that originated in Central Florida to help new gamers improve their own gaming skills and styles. Through the use of Fun Filled comics, forums, videos, and even our own team members' input in their own unique playing style, learning how to play well is simple. This clan also provides information on any possible Lan Parties and/or Tournaments, around Central Florida. involving Halo, Halo 2, Counter Strike, Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up, Super Smash Brothers, and many other gaming titles.

-  Submitted by: MythicZero03.

The Tenacious Theory
  The Tenacious Theory is a Halo 2 clan actively recruiting.

-  Submitted by: adamishness.

TriStarGames Ltd

1000s of prizes, meet the uk pros, excellent LAN set-up, 2 day events, media coverage and most of all have a great time at TSG.

-  Submitted by: TriStarGames.

X2X Clan
  This is a Halo 2 website. There are videos of glitches, super jumps, and misc.

-  Submitted by: X2X Amped.

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