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Below are links that will take you around the Ss2845 community. We have tried to keep this list accurate and up-to-date, but as communities grow larger and larger it becomings increasingly difficult to stay on top of things. If there are any errors, or if you'd like to update your site, please notify the webmaster.

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Official Official

About the 2845 Project
  This subsection of the ClanCore forums is where all official information is posted. If you want to learn about SS:2845, there is probably no one single place better than this.

Garage Games
  Home of the Torque Game Engine and the Torque Shader Engine, both of which SS:2845 is to be developed on.

Mods/Scripts/Mapping for 2845
  This board is dedicated specifically for those who wish to work with the more technical aspects of SS:2845. This is also a great resource for those who wish to learn about the Torque, especially the Getting Started in Torque thread pinned at the top.

SS Fanfic Database
  Most of the fanfics dealing with the StarSiege Universe are archived here, though you may also want to check out the 2845 forums in the Fanfiction board.

Starsiege: 2845 Homepage
  The Official Starsiege: 2845 Website. Formally located at

The Past Submittals List
  While primarily for those who want to submit works to the SS:2845 project, this list also contains links to nearly every fan work on SS:2845, as well as several forum threads that provide a great deal of information.

Torque Game Engine
  The product page for the Torque Game Engine, the older engine that the ATR will be released on.

Torque Shader Engine
  The product page for the Torque Shader Engine, the newer engine that the final will be released on.

Fan Sites Fan Sites

  dun-Starscaper's website where he stores his SS scripting experiments. He, like many other script kitties will be moving over to 2845 once it's out.

  Originally devoted to UTK4, Mapraider has made a deal to officially take on SS:2845 maps when they're put out so keep an eye on these guys once the multiplayer released. They've also become a major holding place for Tribes 2 maps, ever since died.

* has since been ressurrected, but Mapraider has retained all of the maps it received.

  All the mecha-related news that you can handle. Run by some of the guys working on SS:2845.

  Certainly, one of StarSiege's most well-known and accomplished squads, the Men in Black have been creating custom StarSiege content for years. Several of their members are long time staffers in 2845 and MIB will be coming back for another go with 2845.

  Plague is one of the StarSiege's most talented artists and several of his designs will be featured as vehicles in StarSiege:2845. This is a repository of his many drawings that he has stuck up on the 'net.

PlanetTribes, your source for Starsiege, Tribes, Tribes 2, Tribes Vengeance, and Torque news - A Member of the GameSpy Network

-  Submitted by: Gryphon.

SS:2845 Club at 1Up
  A Starsiege:2845 club at Features a synopsis of the game, announcements, and screenshots.

SS:2845 Profile @ modDB
  Starsiege:2845's profile at the Mod Database. Contains a nice summary of the game's progress and current status with the latest news and updates.

  SSGameServer is committed to providing an on-line community for PC gamers, information about Starsiege/Starsiege 2845 and discussion related to game server administration.

Starsiege Universe
  Anything and everything Starsiege

Starsiege: 2845 Hub
  A growing Starsiege: 2845 media site. Created and ran by SoMeOnE.

-  Submitted by: Aldaron.

Static Screen
  A member of MIB, Super Powio has created a comphrensive database of technical StarSiege information. Most important is his stat listings for each vehicle, weapon, and component. In goes without saying that 2845 will receive similar treatment, as he is on the staff.

Sun and Shadows
  A large gaming community that provides hosting, SS news+content, and shelters an extensive group of writers, Ghosts of the Antipode.

The Flet
  Aldaron's personal website, where he experiments with PHP-Nuke and all sorts of SS related goodness.

The Mechnexus
  The Mechnexus is a site that covers all thing mecha and a few things that are not. In addition to closely following BattleTech and Gundam, they are closely allied to SS:2845.

  One of the most prominent leagues for North American gamers is the Team Warfare League and they've agreed to host various competitions for 2845 when it's released. If you're planning on joining or leading a competitive squad, you're going to want to be familar with TWL.

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