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Below are links that will take you around the Tribes 2 community. We have tried to keep this list accurate and up-to-date, but as communities grow larger and larger it becomings increasingly difficult to stay on top of things. If there are any errors, or if you'd like to update your site, please notify the webmaster.

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Official Official

  Although their original webpage was dismantled.. this link takes you to a list of bios for the developers of Tribes 2.

  The Publishing company for the Starseige games, including Tribes and Tribes 2.
  The Official website for Tribes 2.

Fan Sites Fan Sites is the hub of the Australian and New Zealand Tribes community. Tons of News, Articles, Links and stats.

-  Submitted by: silver.

Euro Tribesplayers
  Contains many battle reviews and several articles written on tribes.

Ordo Ab Chao
  An enthusiastic Tribes 2 clan site.

-  Submitted by: silver.

Planet Tribes
  Part of the Gamespy Network, has tons of information.

Tribal War
  Arguably the most popular site for Tribes-related Information/News.

Tribes & Starsiege Players
  An attempt to bring both the Tribes and Starsiege communities together, under one roof.

Tribes 2 Central Download
  If you're looking for a Tribes 2 related file and can't find it on our downloads page, you'll definitely find it here.

Tribes Playing
  Another T1 / T2 enthusiast site covering news, and offering gaming servers, hosting and forums.

Tribes Universe
  Very in-depth site featuring some great news and downloads.

  The resource if you're looking for new maps, help with building your own... or just about anything to do with mapping. :D

  Offering all you could ever need in regards to the timelines of Tribes 1, 2, and V.

Web Sports Broadcasting Network (WSBN)
  Another group who broadcasts tribal matches on either Teamplay or OGL ladders.

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