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War of Hog

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War of Hog
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Created by: xheadshotmastax

This is my first map. It's big and there are 5 diffrent warthogs and 1 pelican. The preferred game types are:
-Team Slayer

It's fun to drive with his team over the big hills and attacking their base to get their flag so i decided to make a big map with lots of diffrent the result!

Credits: the pelican and missle warthog (the warthog with 4 missles) is by Tiamat, the sword is by: Real Halo 2 Lunging Energy Sword Tags, version 1 prototype by: Jahrain Original, non-lunging energy sword tags by: Doc Oct, RailGun is by: [DD]ZiON; thx guys for sharing the tags here in and a really really big thx goes to all the ppl who are playing the map! and you really really have to play it 1 time with some guys in CTF! if not your missing something ;)

Please read the enclosed "made by.txt" for full credits.

NOTE: This map is currently hosted at Halo Universe. It will be moved to tJY servers this evening (09/08).
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