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Date posted: 12/14/2003
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Rantage. MPAA, shape up.
Piracy. In today's world, we think of "software piracy", "music piracy", "movie piracy"... how about thinking of the original meaning? Like that of a bad-ass pirate?

Case in point: I usually don't download movies regularly. They take too long to get, and by the time they are done, the novelty of watching them is over and I'd probably rather have the DVD, because I can view it with my Xbox whenever I want for some movie-watching goodness.
I went to the Matrix Revolutions a few days after its release. What did I see? Some stunt actor almost WEEPING onscreen about how movie piracy is bad and that it takes money out of his pockets each time someone queues up a copy of "Fast and the Furious" or whatever. Seriously. Grow the hell up and try becoming an actual actor -- although I doubt you'll have a good time of it, because you can't even cry convincingly.

I'm in a position to speak because I write code, and I've done a few creative things in my life so far -- which comprise a bit of my income. Code is almost considered more valuable than the actual talents of the developer.

I've had contracts where I create presentations, putting in extra hours in the evenings to go in and synchronize video. At the end, the board wants it on CD, with the original code included. That wasn't exactly part of the deal, because now I know they can use it without coming to me. They'll probably also share it with other school boards, who might have come to me to get access to it. Not anymore. They've taken a $200CDN presentation and given it away for free.

I've had contracts where I go in, write software for a specific purpose, and at the end I hand it in and everybody's happy. From that point, maybe a week afterwards, I either get a) "How does it work? Could you explain to me what exactly you did? It works great, but exactly how does it do that?" or b) the software doesn't even get used.

So what did I do after hearing Mr. Weepy's not-so-eloquent speech on the evils of downloading movies? I downloaded The Matrix Revolutions, after I had paid full price to see it in theatres. The download was much worse-quality movie, and I can see how someone who hadn't seen it in theatres would think it was even worse. I haven't even gotten around to really WATCHING it yet, nearly a month afterwards. This is out of spite for the Motion Picture Association of America.

And yes, I liked the movie, and I appreciate all that the actors did in it, and I'll buy the DVD when it comes out. But that still doesn't give the MPAA the right to waste my time with some piracy crap from an unconvincing hobo. If that kind of crap is on the DVD too, I will not hesitate in making a new one with DeCSS and other useful utilities. Legitimate use.

MPAA and movie studios: what you're doing is alienating teenage consumers such as myself. I have a completely disposable income, and I'm willing to spend it on quality products. Quality. I am part of your teenage target market, and I am saying that you're not attracting my interest with your current actions. I'm willing to overcome my hatred for AOL Time Warner by seeing The Matrix. Here's an incentive: if you stop pumping out crap in theatres, people will go to theatres. Downloading is an unpleasant experience compared to viewing a movie in the "IRL" theatre.

More on this subject with music when I return. ;)

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