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Date posted: 09/15/2005
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It's cool
I've finally finished my Guild Wars Review that I talked about in my last entry. I really was just bored one day and, since I didn't have anything better to do, spent about 2 hours hammering out the basic text. From there it was a simple matter of proof-reading and adding the appropriate HTML code for the pics. I'm quite pleased with's certainly not professional quality, but it clearly communicates what I think is important for somone who is looking into the game to know. It's also the best read of my reviews to date, largely due to the fact that I didn't simply make a list of good and bad things, but instead went with the standard style of a newspaper column. It was also surprisingly easy to do, once I began so the practice I've had writing my previous reviews is finally showing. Perhaps one day I'll be able to belt out good reviews consitantly or even better, we'll have a dedicated staff member for just that and I'll concentrate soley on 2845. Still, I can't complailn since everything I do is voluntary (no one's keeping me here) and I enjoy my work for the most part. Speaking of a dedicated staff member, we're always on the look-out for new ones, especially now since many of the original staff have conflicts with their lives, have moved in their lives, lost interest, etc. etc. so if you want to be a staffer or know somone who might be interested, give Mhaddy an email at

Hmm, 2845 updates...well the ATR is coming out this month! Every message the 2845 devs have given the public indicates they're on track and the ATR will be release sometime this month. It'll probably be at 11:59 PM of the last day, but's still coming. Once the ATR hits the figurative shelves I'll burn a bunch of copies onto some CD's and flood my college campus with them. After the 2845 staff finish their 2-3 week vacation on the completion of the ATR, I might try to hold another live all-staff interview. My plan is to have 1 after the ATR, after the multiplayer, and after the single player so tJY will have a nice chronicle of the development cycle...well a nicer one anyway. Our 2845 section already rivals the 2845 main site itself in terms of relevant content and I also think we're way ahead when it comes to accessability of information, especially now that Mhaddy has finally launched the new QS tool. As for the quick search tool: keep your eyes on that. Right now it isn't that much use because it's limited to tJY, there's still a lot of information that will be put up later on as the game matures, and the tool itself will only become more powerful as Mhaddy and I work with it.

Moving to my personal life, for the 3 of you who care...I've just finished 3rd week as a college freshman it I'd say it's going alright. As expected, I sometimes have trouble adjusting to the new lifestyle. School work isnt' too bad yet, though of course that will change later. At the moment, my life has basically been consumed by Army ROTC and the Ranger Challenge team, especially Ranger Challenge. Ranger Challenge is basically a varsity sport made out of military training. As a team, we basically race around a huge area completing tasks and earning points. Tasks include constructing a single rope bridge and shimiming acrossed a river, running an obstacle course, max push-ups/sit-ups, land navigation etc. Needless to say, the training is brutal at times. I'm at around 5 every morning to go to PT and in order to excel I have to work out on my own as well in the evening. Just yesterday I ran 4 1/2 miles with a 35 rucksack in the morning then ran 3 miles, did push-ups/pull-ups/sit-ups in the evening. It's very fun, but very tiring.

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