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Mouse Bungee
Mouse Bungee
Posted by: Mhaddy on Wed Jun 13th, 2001 at 6:29 PM
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Genre: Hardware
PublisherMouse Bungee Co
DeveloperMouse Bungee Co
Release Date: 0-0-0

I know what youíre thinkingÖ what the heck is it! Is it some lame attempt or toy used to throw your mouse off the side of your desk and have it bounce back up? Or perhaps it's just there to make that "twang" sound... Well, although it can [and has] been used for the above it's primary purpose is to keep your mouse cord snag free and drag free.

Though it may look rather ridiculous, it does do what it's designed to do... and very well I might add. I've got a Logitech Marble mouse so, unfortunately this nifty peripheral didnít do me much good but I burrowed into my box of gadgets and miscellaneous crap and found a regular mouse. I hooked it up and the online installation guide didnít lead me wrong Ė I installed it in "less than 60 seconds"!

"Stop fighting with your mouse cord and start enjoying the freedom and comfort of a wireless mouse."

Youíd be surprised at how useful this thing actually is. As the animations below show, depending on the size of your cord you usually have to pull and drag the cord out from behind the desk as you use the mouse. I noticed this problem frequently, even in the short time while I was using a regular mouse. Needless the say, the Mouse Bungee alleviated the problem.

Without Mouse BungeeWith Mouse Bungee

The design of the Mouse Bungee is very stylish. Coming in eight colours, chances are that youíll find the one that fickles your fancy. Whatís more, itís quite durable as well; it 'accidentally' fell off my desk several times (a good two feet onto hardwood flooring) and each time it came back up without so much as a scratch on it.

Furthermore, if the standalone design plus a mouse pad doesnít suit your tastes, you can step up to the Crystal Pro model. Which includes a tempered glass mouse pad, an integrated Mouse Bungee, dual mousing surfaces (silky smoov / textured) and customizable graphical inserts.

In conclusion, when I first received the Mouse Bungee I was quite ambiguity of itÖ I really didnít know how such a product got into production at all. However, in the last few days of testing this thing out, I really canít imagine life without one. Weighing in at just over $20 CDN, itís definitely a worth-while investment; even if all you use it for is to spruce up the appearance of your desk

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