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Posted by: Mhaddy on Sun Jun 20th, 2004 at 8:45 PM
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Name: B. Alexander Newton

Moniker: Vailias

Sex: Recently. :p Yeah I'm Male.

Place of Residence: Mars... actually a large, yet unknown portion of the United States of America called New Mexico by the locals, and "the southern rockies" by the weather channel..

Cause noone knows what the hell is out here! (see "Ya might be a New Mexican if..." list further down.)

Education: I'm in the dropdown menu category of "Some college". Spent some time at the local Community college, cause it was cheaper and had a computer animation degree program. ;) I also spent a year at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

How would we know you: I'm the voice in your head telling you to do bad things. Around the starsiege 2845 project I do a bit of everything, though mostly modeling, skinning, and animation. In Starsiege classic I was known as FireFalcon in the Birds of Prey. Did some skinning and lots of being a decoy.

Favourite Games: All the ones I have yet to finish. :D Though UT2004 is still pretty high on my list since I can make things for it. Just finished homeworld:Cataclysm. [hears jaws drop and comments of "thats so old!"] I have a stack of games sitting by my comp that I have yet to finish, or, more likely, yet to install. I tell myself I'm not getting new games till I finish those.

Gaming Roles:
ut2004/planetside: When I would play it would typically be a roll I would call "fireman" or "Freelancer". Basically I go wherever there is help severly needed or do something that would give us a large tactical advantage.

Like while the majority of my team would be duking it out head to head over the most direct control point or instilation I would be the guy heading up the hill to secure one of the more optional control points or watch towers while the enemy was busy with the main force. Or if the battle turns on my team then I try to cause general havoc and create a large enough distraction that our guys can re-group and get the momentum going back our way.

RTS games: I play like sentinal.

Gaming Rig(s):
Current general purpose rig:
Athlon 2100+
Windows 2000 SP4+
512MB ram. (Would have 768 but the 2 sticks have arguments, which turn into fist fights, and cause all other system activity to stop while the rest of the components look on.)
Geforce FX 5200 and Voodoo3 Video cards.
15"and 17" monitors
Cannon Scanner
Wacom Art Z II Tablet
Epson Printer that I don't use much.
and a 20inch floor fan that I use to keep the system cool.

I'm going to be ordering a new system to suplement this one shortly
Dual athlon xp 2800+ with a gig of ram. (purrrrr)

Gaming Groups / Squads / Clans: [BoP] Retired... otherwise I'm solo

Favourite Sites:


  • (shameless plug)



  • Favourite Book: Good question. Probably something by Anne McCaffrey, but I haven't really read anything for a while. I finished the Odessey a while back, that was quite good.

    Hobbies / Activities / Interests: Anime, Art, Tabletop gaming, video games, trying to understand the nature of the universe.

    Accomplishments / Achievements: (long time ago) Won a blue ribbon at the state fair for a painting I did when I was in pre-school. Scored a 1460(or was it 1360..) on the SAT's. Soon to be an "on air personality"aka Jock/DJ(even though there are no more disks to jockey) at the radio station I work at.

    I look forward to the day when they release a drug that makes sleep optional. Caffine is getting old. Gaurania is expensive.

    If I ever get a vasectomy in my old age, I'm going to make sure I have a copy of Hoobastank's "The Reason" with me and have it played during the operation, because that song should be the posterchild for loosing your balls. I f'ing hate that song.

    Thinking on both sides of your brain at the same time hurts.

    I multi-task well. So far I have managed to count 3-4 separate attention threads at one time. so maybe thats 5 counting the one thats doing the counting... Thankfully the ADD trend didn't show up till after I was out of mid school. Which reminds me, I someday would like to open a school specifically for ADD children. I have some theorys to test/prove.

    So yeah no one knows where New Mexico is. I suppose its nice that way so we don't actually have to deal with the rest of the yahoos out in the nation. :p But it is kinda annoying sometimes. Like when one person here called to get tickets to the Atlanta Olympic games and was told they needed to go through their own country's ticket agency.

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