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Posted by: IVIaedhros on Thu Oct 27th, 2005 at 11:21 PM
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Name: Benjamin Graner


Moniker: Nazbot

Sex: Male

Country of Residence: Canada

Education: B.Sc. Physics and Computer Science

How would we know you: You probably wouldn't, I keep a pretty low profile on the public forums. In game you'll know me for the Badger and the Wraith as well as some UI work and various other things (all code btw). I spend most of my time in the dev forums checking up on tasks and work I have to do. I read the main forums a lot, but generally don't have anything to say which wouldn't violate the NDA or just cause trouble for the rest of the team (i.e. leak info that then has to be covered up).

Favorite Games: Tribes 1 (duh), Starsiege (duh++), Little Big Adventure (great old game, amazing music and fun gameplay), Civ2 (just one more turn), Mario 3 (watched The Wizard just to catch a glimpse of this), Soul Calibur 2 (great fighter), Xmen vs. Street Fighter (the best arcade game ever), DDR (don't knock it 'till you try it), Mechwarrior2: Mercs (one of the first games I played online), Lemmings (classic), and a few others.

Gaming Rigs: 2200+, 1 gig RAM, 9800pro

Gaming groups: Trauma, an old T1 tribe...they later became the Doctors

Favorite sites:Accomplishments: This project is a huge accomplishments for me. I've been on the team for about a year, and have been able to get some pretty cool things done (IMHO). It's a great team, we joke around a lot on IRC, but there's also a lot of talent. I wouldn't really call it a labur of love...that implies too much of a blind attitude to the various risks we're faced with...rather it's a group of people with top notch skills who all recognize that there is this really cool thing we can create if we don't mind giving up some of our free time.

Blurb: As Cinder has said, the ATR will own your soul. What's not to like about giant hercs smushing little infantry guys, while Badgers bounce around spitting chaingun fire all the while wraiths fly overhead bombing you as you hide inside a building or hop in a hovercraft to get the *#& out of dodge. Honestly, if there's one thing I'm disappointed in it's our lack of punctuality, but we're literally putting in all the hours we can to get this baby out. It may not mean much to you guys but there really are only so many hours in the day and some things just take time. The ATR should be a nice sampler for the main feast we're preparing. :)

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