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About Tribes 2
Grenade LauncherTribes 2 builds upon the award winning Tribes multiplayer
experience. Where it not only took good gaming skill, but exceptional intelligence to win the game on a competitive level. With "Tribes 2" being capable of having up to 64 players a game teamwork is vital, and to achieve this level of teamwork needed, Dynamix (the creators of the game) has included voice-over-net software built into the game. Tribes had flying vehicles that were very unresponsive to your control. Tribes 2 corrects this problem by making the turbograv's
fly like a flight simulator game.

Tribes 2 also includes various land vehicles:
  • Wildcat Grav Cycle: Fast moving, light armored 1-man anti-grav cycle.
  • Beowulf Assault Tank: 3 Person Tank with plasma and mortar turrets.
  • Jericho-Class Mobile Point Base: Slow moving, heavily armored, turret-equipped base.

    The sequel also includes several new weapons and items. The shock-lance is a melee weapon that deals a lot of damage from short distances. The cloaking pack will make players virtually invisible to enemies. Tribes 2 has a guided missile launcher that will be available to the Medium and Heavy armors, this missile can track down and destroy most vehicles and players in 1 or 2 shots. Several different types of Grenades and Mines are available, such as sticky mines, and flash bangs. An improvement has also been made on the normal mines for Tribes 2; in Tribes 1 mines
    would explode on anybody and anywhere, in Tribes 2 they will only explode when an enemy has gone near it, and only after it has mounted itself completely in the ground (eliminating the mine-disk tactic of Tribes 1).

    Tribes 2 requires cunning skill and ingenious tactics. The levels are quite massive, more than twice the size of the original Tribes' maps. A bug that was left in, in Tribes, commonly called Skiing (utilizing this bug, heavy armored troops could cover ground faster than an Air scout), has been greatly curbed so as to balance the game. Just one, single base, can sometimes be larger than an entire Quake 3 arena. The large bases will also have several entrances from where intruders can invade the base, destroying key objectives such as Generators that supply the base with power, Inventory Stations that let the players purchase their weapons/armor, and command stations which let commanders give out orders to the rest of their team.

    Dynamix included an additional two gametypes for Tribes 2 along with their original ones: Flag Hunters and Seige. Seige is basically Tribes' version of Unreal Tournament's Assault games, where one team defends an objective while the other attacks it. Flag Hunters is a Deathmatch-type game where individual players fight each other for their flags. Players start out with 1 flag and must duel one-another to receive their flag(s), once the player receives enough flags where he/she doesn't feel comfortable carrying them around (in possibility of getting killed snd loosing them), they can "cash them in" at the Flag Nexus towards their overall score. The original gametypes include Capture the flag, Capture and hold, and deathmatch.

    With the superb AI that Dynamix has developed, they will be able to include in-depth training missions and campaigns. The original Tribes training missions were difficult to understand, and didn't help much in teaching the actual online game.

    If you don't already own Tribes or Tribes 2, I suggest you go out to your nearest computer store and pick up a copy. This game will not dissapoint you, and you might even become an addict as we have.
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