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M12 LRV (Warthog)
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M12 LRV (Warthog)

Manual Description:

The M12 light reconnaissance vehicle, or Warthog, is the standard vehicle of the UEG armed forces. It is fast and maneuverable, but prone to rollovers during hard cornering. A three-barreled machine-gun is mounted in the rear of the vehicle. Armed passengers significantly increase the unit's anti-infantry capacity.

The M12 (known to everyone as merely the "Warthog") is your stock set of wheels. You'll get these more than you'll get everything else. Like the manual says, it's fast - but definitely takes a practiced hand to control, and should be turned gently. A gunner (Marine or a friend) increases your effectiveness exponentially; a passenger, only marginally. Also, note the Warthog's run-people-over-for-instant-kills feature.