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Crisp Death and Fluffy Pants

Posted by: MrFluffyPants on Fri Oct 8th, 2004 at 10:51 AM
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On Friday, at 3:00, I set out for Louis Wu's LAN, Crisp Death. My father and I drove up, about 550 miles, from Ohio. We got lost for about an hour; just before arriving (we took the right exit off the interstate... but in New York, not Connecticut). At around 2:30 AM, I arrived at Wu Manor. Louis came to the door, showed me around, jumped back into the game he was playing and still managed to win. The aforementioned game was the last of the night, as everyone was quite tired. Before I went to sleep, I got a look at the server that hosts, HBO's forums.

Carnage (the silver box), in all its glory.

At around 8:00 on Saturday, just about everyone woke up. For breakfast, Miguel cooked up some scrambled egg tortillas that were really quite good. Synthetic put some cream in his coffee, and, after taking a drink of it, declared that it was very good. Someone then pointed out that the cream was a week after its expiration date. Hilarity ensued. Dizzy was missing out on the food, so Boxer and I decided to wake him up (with a pillow to the head).

A rude awakening for Dizzy.

After breakfast and showers, we set up the boxes and started gaming. I didn't do too badly, but could have played better. That's what I get for playing only the PC port, I guess.

For lunch, we completely devoured two, three-foot Subway sandwiches.

Shishka brought mountains of swag from Bungie, and we were to play for it. There was an Xbox whiskey flask, the Halo issue of Wired magazine, several 7th Column stickers from the old Bungie store, a Halo hoodie, some 3.5 inch Halo 2 prototype action figures (production was limited to 1000) and, most exciting of all, original Mister Chief concept art by Frankie.

A couple of the prizes we played for.

The competition that was set up consisted of three, 8-person melee-only games. The person who was in 7th place in each game won a Halo 2 figure. Whoever, in each game, had kills + deaths + assists closest to 77, won one of the big prizes (in my game, there were three with the same number, so they played rock, paper, scissors for it). Finally, the grand prize was won in a playoff of the top scorers in each game. I won nothing (I was shooting for 7th place, but was off by three kills), although I had a good time. The playoffs, which Jynx won, were exhilarating.

Jynx enjoys the spoils of victory.

Shishka also brought about 500 Halo 2 stickers, which everyone was free to take at will. Within minutes of this being announced, they were gone. Some ended up on KP.

Kick me!

We played some more games, and after a while I wandered around a bit, got to know some people better and, of course, tried to get some Halo 2 info out of Shishka ;).

I made my way to Louis' office, to read the Bungie Weekly Update; I hadn't gotten a chance to read it yet, as I was extremely busy on Friday. Immediately after sitting down, I became aware of someone watching me. It was Two, on Louis' 23" LCD (I don't know how I missed him at first), video chatting. Whoknew, Dizzy, and I talked to him for a while. It was really distracting, and I wasn't able to read the Weekly Update, which reminds me that I still haven't read it.

Chatting with Two

After some more gaming, we ordered pizza for dinner. The 15 pizzas came to about $150, so it was good that almost everyone pitched in for it. We got Meat Lover's, cheese, and Vegetarian.

Believe it or not, that was once food.

There was some more Halo, including a crazy TK match that was a hell of a lot of fun and an hour long stalemate CTF on Hang 'Em High that... wasn't.

Later on, Miguel, Konrad, Furhman, Malagate and I played some Mexican poker. Furhman cleaned house.

After a few more rounds of Halo, I started dozing off. I bid everyone goodnight, and went upstairs to sleep.

Before Shishka left, he said, "These LAN's aren't so much a gaming event to me as they are a Halo religious experience." He couldn't have been more right.

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Footnote: I'm sorry that this writeup is so late. I was having some network troubles, and was unable to upload the pictures. I'd like to thank Louis Wu for throwing the LAN, and for all he did to feed and lodge everyone, as well as being an awesome guy.

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