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Tribes 2
Posted by: Mhaddy on Wed May 9th, 2001 at 1:24 PM
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Genre: Action
Release Date: 00-00-0000

Click for the full picture! The long awaited sequel to arguably the best designed Multiplayer game ever has finally arrived. Tribes 2 is full of amazing new features; an arsenal of new weapons and vehicles, a community involvement system built from the ground up, and some really kick ass graphical wizardry. Continuing with the Starsiege: Tribes tradition, Tribes 2 is very easily modded, and new scripts are constantly being developed due to the simple scripting language.

The all-new, ass-kicking, gorgeous graphics of Tribes 2 are not made for your TNT 2's or your VooDoo 3's. This baby deserves something better *hint*GeForce... Radeon...*hint*, it will also punish you with low framerates and crappy quality if you don't have one. So before you start mid-air-ing fellow humans and skiing through vast mountain ranges, check your system stats.

Community Features:


Just like the original Tribes, Tribes 2 has a built in chat "window" (for lack of a better term) which acts like any normal IRC client, but with a Tribes twist. While chatting, you can follow your friends / enemies into servers by simply clicking the link they automatically leave upon joining the server. Also, to view a player's individual profile page you just have to double-click on their name. Tribe (Clan) tags also appear yellow inside of IRC when attached to a players name.


The browser is a great addition in that Teams can invite new players, manage their roster, update the news, and display details about the team. Secondly, Each player receives his or her own personal page that they may edit to reflect their profile. In the personal page, they can also add or remove people from their Buddy List, and can select their primary team. The browser started out shaky with the initial database problems that Sierra was having, but it is now going strong!

Email System:

Continuing in Dynamix's effort to eliminate the need for third party programs, they have also included a Tribes 2-Specific Email system. Player's email addresses are their registered nickname with no @isp.suffix needed. Inside of the email system, one can receive Team Joining invitations, Team news, and just some friendly mail from their peers. Oh ya, and guess what one of the best parts is... NO SPAM! :)


No need to go searching through your favorite News Websites anymore... (uh oh... less traffic for tJY?) All that you'll need to know about upcoming patches, community rules changes, and even where and how long the Dev. Team will be on vacation will be posted in the News window. Everything in the Tribes 2 news window is directly from the words (or fingers rather) of the creators themselves.


Ah yes! The forums... Filled with thousands upon thousands of rants, raves and your average conversations. There are helpful sections such as the FAQ, where you can get help with Tribes 2's functionality, there are fan fiction forums to post your war stories, and then there are the several other "general info" forums where the "wh0r3s" flame, and the "llamas" shine. Plus, every team receives... with no extra charge :) ... Their own private forum to discuss whatever they want (Strategies, latest mid-air kills, etc..)

Hot off the assembly line:

New Vehicles:

Thundersword Bomber

Wildcat Grav Cycle

Beowulf Assault Tank

Jericho-Class Mobile Point Base

New Weapons / Explosives:


Missile Launcher

Flare Grenade

Whiteout Grenade

Concussion Grenade

Satchel Charge

Fin: Final Thoughts:
Even during the first rough days of Tribes 2's existence, a huge support was growing for this great game. Die-hard Tribes/Tribes 2 Enthusiasts across America left early March 30th to pick up their coveted gaming blockbuster. By the time I arrived at my local Electronics Boutique, 20 minutes after they got the packages from the airport, to get my pre-ordered copy... 20 other people already had the game. I rushed home, slapped the cd in and was basically shut off from society for 3 days while I honed my skills. Tribes 2 was worth every penny spent on it, as well as the almost 2 years of waiting. If you do not have this game, and dont have to worry about your firstborn child starving... GET THIS GAME! It will not disappoint you!

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