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link to this file Alternate Master Server ServerPrefs.cs File
Download Alternate Master Server ServerPrefs.cs File
File Size: 3.5 kb
Format: .cs
Downloaded: 1128
Since: 12/15/2005
If you're running a Tribes 1 server, and as long as the Tribes 1 Master Servers are down, you will need to modify your ServerPrefs.cs file to point to the new Master Server. You can edit the file yourself (see this newspost for details), or you can simply download this file and replace your own.

link to this file ConvTED v1
Download ConvTED v1
File Size: 53.07 kb
Format: .zip
Downloaded: 1325
Since: 06/04/2003
Scans a terrain and dumps raw heights to console.log
Written by Michael "KineticPoet" Johnston at Irrational Games Australia.
Thanks to Mark Frohnmayer for the idea.

Use this script and the accompanying program at your own risk. It's a bit of a convoluted solution, but it works.


1. ConvTED.exe to convert the text dump to a raw binary file. This was written by me and should be bundled with this script.
2. A program that can interpret raw binary files as bitmaps.
a) Adobe Photoshop. Open your .raw file. Set the import options to 16-bits, 1 channel, IBM-PC.
b) Daylon Leveller. This is the program I use. Import a raw binary file. Set options to 512x512, unsigned 16-bit integers, Intel, 0 byte header. Leveller is available at:


A script scans a Tribes1 map by casting successive downward rays to measure height values. These height values are dumped as text numbers into the console log. A separate .exe converts the text dump to a binary dump. The binary dump can be interpreted by a 3rd party program as a bitmap. The bitmap can be interpreted by a game engine (such as Tribes Vengeance, Tribes 2, Torque or Unreal) as a heightfield.

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