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link to this file Multiplayer Demo
Download Multiplayer Demo
File Size: 483 MB
Format: .exe
Downloaded: 996
Since: 10/01/2004
As of 09/29/2004, the Multiplayer beta was decomissioned, and this official demo was introduced. This demo brings four maps and offers five different gameplay types. The netcode has been optimized since the beta, and you will notice minor skiing modifications. The download link above will take you to FileRush's BitTorrent link as it has proved to be the quickest way to grab this demo in its hayday. Alternatively, you may visit this thread on our forums for a more complete mirror listing.

link to this file Singleplayer Demo
Download Singleplayer Demo
File Size: 392.17 MB
Format: .exe
Downloaded: 887
Since: 09/13/2004
The T:V singleplayer demo has been released to the public. Click the download link to be taken to a list of download mirrors. See this newspost for more details.

link to this file Multiplayer Beta
Download Multiplayer Beta
File Size: 481.73 MB
Format: .exe
Downloaded: 838
Since: 09/13/2004
The T:V multiplayer beta has finally been released to the open public. You'll want to head over to Fileplanet to grab your key first, then off to the mirrors!

Update: As of 09/29/2004, the multiplayer beta has been decomissioned. Download the multiplayer demo above.

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