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link to this file Developer Kit
Download Developer Kit
File Size: 1.98 MB
Format: .rar
Downloaded: 1382
Since: 10/19/2004
Allows you to modify scripts in order to create mutators, customizations, and modifications. This is the fixed version that compiles properly, mentioned earlier.

link to this file Vengeance Spawn
Download Vengeance Spawn
File Size: 240.48 kb
Format: .zip
Downloaded: 1131
Since: 09/09/2004
TheRoDent has put together an InfiniteSpawn tool for T:V. It which will not only restart a crashed server, but restart when the .ini file is changed too.

VSpawn is similar to ISpawn of T1, and T2 except it's a bit more clever. It will restart the Tribes server, and itsself (TVSpawn) if it detects a change in it's ".ini" file. This means that you can restart a T:V server running remotely by simply uploading a new .ini file with a new date/timestamp. TVSpawn will also apply the settings inside the new .ini file upon restart, allowing you to change the server's startup commandline on-the-fly.
Head on over to his site for more information.

link to this file T1-style VChat for T:V
Download T1-style VChat for T:V
File Size: 10.47 kb
Format: .zip
Downloaded: 1581
Since: 09/09/2004
RegisteredFruit has put together a Tribes 1-style "V Chat" menu system for Tribes:Vengeance. If you miss vgs, vgq, etc., then this is for you.

See the readme file for installation instructions. Be sure to back up your existing QuickChatMenu.ini located in your T:V \Content\System folder. Again, see the readme file for details.

link to this file TVtools
Download TVtools
File Size: 877.72 kb
Format: .exe
Downloaded: 2076
Since: 09/09/2004
Chris 'Thrax' Mahnken from the Irrational team has released an unofficial and unsupported T:V tools pack. Enclosed in this file is TribesEd, a T:V map editor, and Mojo, a cut scene editing tool.

View the readme file for more information and installation instructions.

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