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Posted by: IVIaedhros on 12/26/2004
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Click for the full pictureWhat are you assigned to work on and what exactly does that involve?

Right now, I am past anything to do with ATR. I am doing some large scale layout ideas for a large campaign. From the storyline I read, this will be an incredible experience.

How did you get involved with SS:2845?

Well, it wasn't like I tried to fill in the last free 10 minutes of my day. I just was looking for growth in my artwork, and a new type of challenge. This met all of those, so I inquired. Little did I know what a deal I had landed. It kinda mushy to say, but I feel a little humbled by the largeness of it all

Were you a fan of StarSiege and if you played it, what did you like/not like
about it?

You know, I had not even heard of Starsiege. I think I played MechWarrior 4 a couple of times. So I guess commenting on it is pointless, other than to say, from what I have seen, I will be very interested in playing 2845.

What are some of your favorite games?

Right now, I play a lot of Ratchet and Clank, SkyCooper and LotR with my 4yr old. I used to love the Tomb Raider stuff. But with the new work with Halo, Half Life, Doom3, there so much to play, and sooooo little time.

What are the worst things about being on staff?

Time frame. It is very different for each member of the team of course. I have full time (50ish) hour, and a family. My time is limited. I feel guilty when I can't produce something, you know someone half way around the world could be waiting for. So my personal projects are reeeeally lagging.

What are the best?

How well the team is. I have been reading a lot about the business and it sounds a bitter sweet thing. But this group is as good as you could find. Shoot, I wish the people in my day job would be this professional and neither [the directors] Trajan or Lujan are holding a gun on me to make me say all this. The crew is simply top notch. Another positive thing, is my personal growth. Even I can see it, and that is not something one can usually grasp, even when they are getting better. One other cool thing, it's a great conversation piece during some of these holiday parties.

Click for the full pictureIs there any one thing that you our another staff has made that's got you really excited?

My very first assignment: (sorry, classified :p ), a big frickin gun. And here again, the modelers and the skinners did such an outstanding job, I thought for my very first foray into this, waaaahhoooo!!. There is so much to choose from, but to tell, I am more excited about the assignment I just started, I mentioned in the first question.

What hours do you typically work, how does this hurt the rest of your life?

That can really vary. I could work 1 hour, I could 4 or 5, depending on the assignment and what the family life has thrown at me. It is extremely rare, that I don't work any, even if it's a thumbnail sketch, creating real basic ideas. I have spent several days on one building, I have created 11 buildings in a 4 day period. It just simply depends on so many variables.

Any places where you've received inspiration from? The community members, other games, books, etc?

I know this is going to sound lame, but I get a little juiced looking over some of the other artists in this program's work. It makes me want to step up. Another thing I noticed, was that when I am playing other games, I really look at them differently. How they are put together, what a good model would be versus a poorly skinned one. Stuff like that.

What are your interests outside of video gaming and 2845?

I have quite a few. Although I don't have one at the moment, I am an avid motorcycle rider, have been since I was 15. I also like hot rods and do some art in those areas on consignment. I used to paint bikes and helmets and such, but it's such a pain if you don't have the right place. I also play quite a bit of softball. I hack a set of drums on occasion, played in some bands over the years. These days, mostly coaching my daughter's softball teams, whether as the head coach or an assistant. She plays a ton, so it takes a lot of time.

What's the process you go through to make what do?

Usually and reeeeeally ugly 2" x 5 " thumbnail you would look at and say, "wtf?" then either a bigger one, that is cleaner, then scanned in to rework digitally. Or I can directly digitally with nothing in mind at all when I start. I usually throw some rough stuff together, get comments from the management and dial it in, as black and white. Then once I am down to the last couple of things, I will over paint if there is time. Btw, I use Corel's Painter for most of this.

Click for the full pictureI want to do what you do, so where should I start?

A lot would depend on where you are starting from. I mean, if you are just learning to draw, you would start from a whole different set of standards than you would as if you were somewhat accomplished and you were asking, where to start to get in the industry. The common thread here would be to educate yourself using the guys that are in the business. A good place for either would be sites like Concept.Org. There is sooo much information there, you could hardly follow it all. But you could get direction there, depending on where you're coming from.

Is there anyone who helps you with your work? A fellow staff member, friend, etc?

No, you get some nice crits and comments from other staff members, and crits on technical stuff needing adjustment. That is all part of a team. Everyone I have run across has been very good about it, even when they don't really agree. That's what Trajan and Lujan are for.

Fin: Final Thoughts:
If ClanCore took off as professional developer, would you want to go along?

I would love to. Of course, life isn't always that simple. But I can tell you, I think it's a door, I have accidentally opened, that you don't get the opportunity often in life. I normally am the one kicking the door in, to have the key handed to me is beyond my comprehension really. Even if it didn't work out, I hope they still do.

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