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Date posted: 03/26/2005
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Satan possesed my finger...
*Ugh* Is all I can say...I've just finished the KotR II review and I must say it took me long enough. These reviews have been gradually getting easier for me to do and writing started out well enough. I was about half way through when a pop-up hit my screen from another site I was looking at. I closed that one then several more came up. I closed all of them only to discover I had closed down SITEKORE (tJY's site editor) before I had saved my work. An hour and a half of writing and editing down the drain. I just sort of stared at the computer for a little bit, shut it off and ate some ice cream. No problem, I'd just continue later on, even if I had lost some momentum. A week later I had finished all of the positive points and I was working on the negative parts, namely the graphics section. I was even more careful than usual to save every-now-and-then but then SITEKORE decided it would be fun to suddenly throw a fit and once again, I lost a bunch of work. Icecream couldn't allay my woes now and instead of staring blankly I just started yelling at my evil computer. And then it was time to get ready for work...depressing to say the least.

Technical issues continue to haunt me even on other fields. For several months now, my ISP Earthlink has decided to go insane. A lot of Mhaddy's emails to me were getting blocked but all the Viagra adds were coming in anyway. We've talked over the 2845's private message system and hopefully he'll be able to set me up with an account at tJY, though I haven't heard back from him. Lets hope everything works out, eh?

On the 2845 side of things...not much to report. The 2845 boards have gotten something of a make-over and they're actually closer to tJy's forums then they were before. I don't like the new color scheme much, but it's only temporary and I'm already getting used to it. At the moment we're basically waiting for ATR footage to be sent out. Mhaddy and I are particulary stoked (I love that word) about tJY's exclusive footage. Here's to that going w/out a hitch. A word to those who are watching 2845, go check out the dev's journals. Just go to the main site and they'll be in a column on the right side.

As to personal life...well it's been a blast lately. I've been on spring break for the past few days (no economics :) ) and I've been outside and mountain biking every chance I get. We've had a bunch of rain recently though, so it looks like I'm done for a while now. Otherwise, I've just been relaxing. Too bad school starts up in like, a day...

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