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Date posted: 08/04/2005
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I've begun
I've finally started on the Guild Wars review I mentioned in my last .plans. I've been thinking about the thing for a long time, but I'm afraid I've been playing the game too much to actually write anything :D Still, I've started and I have distinct impression that most of tJY's viewers aren't exactly hanging on the edge of their seat waiting for this so I'm taking my time and trying to improve the overall quality from the last one. Specifically I'm going to try a new format...more like the typical newspaper like colum you would normally see instead of my usual point-by-point list. Hopefully the change will make it a more attractive read. If not I can simply go back to my old way of writing.

On the 2845 side of things, I'm sure most of you have seen the updated release date of September as well as Trajan's statement that their trying to get some video at by the end of August. Until the ATR is out there isn't much I can do (plan to do anyway) with 2845, though I have updated the Uber-FAQ. When the forums for 2845 changed, a lot of the links were broken.

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