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Date posted: 12/07/2005
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And now in chronological order...
A lot has transpired in the last three months. Here's a nicely formatted bulleted list to highlight things:
  • Bought a Game Boy Micro;
  • Bought a new dual-core G5 PowerMac (see Rig 0 on my Staff profile);
  • Bought new snowboard, boots, bindings, jacket, and goggles;
  • tJY scheme "Reborn" now default on site and forums;
  • Bought an Xbox 360 Premium, thanks to an insider on our forums;
  • Work on SitekoreTM progressing well; SitekoreTM officially trade-marked in Canada;
  • The screen on my 4GB Nano cracked; replacement hopefully coming soon;
  • SS:2845 ATR still not released;
  • Bought a 1938 Chevy Coupe;
  • Co-op term at RBC coming to an end, school starting in January;
  • New game coverage to be added to tJY.

The Game Boy Micro (review) was definitely an impulse purchase for me. I was getting bored taking the train into work every day and I needed something small (and relatively inexpensive) to pass the time. Thanks to Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga and Final Fantasy Tactics, the GB Micro fit the bill perfectly.

Yes, it's true, I've turned to the dark side and bought a Mac. I decided it was the right thing to do. My computer time is spent designing websites, developing Sitekore, working with graphics, authoring DVDs, the usual Internet-email-dicking-around scene, and generally everything but games. It was time for a computer upgrade (not so much that I needed one, but I wanted one) and after many years of playing around with the idea of getting a Mac, I finally made the plunge after the new dual-core upgrades were announced October 19th.

And I couldn't be happier. I'm still getting used to all of the little idiosyncrasies that OS X offers, but largely what I'm finding is that, everything I did on XP, I can do more efficiently on Tiger. For instance, Spotlight (Tiger's version of Window's Start>Search>Files or Folders...) can find any document, email, web item, file, folder, application, etc. on your system, fast. It operates similarly to iTunes Search function (though on a much broader scale). Showing all application windows, showing sub-windows within applications, and jumping to the desktop are all accomplished by hitting the F9-F11 keys. F12 brings up the Dashboard which holds a variety of widgets (mini-applications, such as an SMS, language / currency converter, calculator, weather, iTunes lyrics search, sticky notes, etc.). All with a finesse that was never found in Windows. I love it. More on my Mac experiences later, though.

With winter rapidly approaching and snow covering what was once a furtile land up here in the Great White North, many of us Canadians turn to skiing and snowboarding to pass the harsh winter months. I decided it was time for an upgrade, so I picked up a new Morrow Snowboard with matching bindings ("Clutch"). Also managed to grab a pair of Flow boots, a Ripzone jacket, and Bolle goggles. Hopefully I won't wreck myself when I go up to Horseshoe Resort this weekend.

A couple of weeks ago, I made the Reborn scheme the default scheme on tJY main site and forums. While I still have to work out that game navigation menu bug, I thought it was time to give tJY it's much needed face lift. So far, feedback was been largely positive, according to the current poll. Good news, indeed. Again, if you have any comments or criticisms, please let me know!

You guys are definitely going to hate me for this: I snagged an Xbox 360 Premium five days after it's November 22nd launch without preordering it. *pauses for barrage of old, moldy fruit* Okay, I deserved that, but I don't care because I have a 360! Muauaha. Thanks Biggs.

After over a year of back and forth debacle with the Canadian Government, SitekoreTM is now officially trade-marked in Canada. And it's mine for 15 years. Now, if I could just figure out how to stop y'all southerners...

Yeah, I don't know how many of you are familiar with the known screen defects that have been plaguing the iPod Nano, but it finally caught up with mine. Stupidly enough, I didn't take a picture of it before I sent it back to Apple ($350 CDN, less than a month old, and sent back for repairs, oiy), but according to a recent email that I received, a new one should be in the mail right now. Cross your fingers for me as according to their Service Request Form, cracked screens are not covered by warranty. Did I successfully cheat the system?

Despite what my previous .plan said, the Starsiege:2845 ATR is still not out and to tell you the truth, I don't think it'll be out soon. I know the devs are shooting for a before-Christmas release (that's the current rumour anyhow), the odds of them pulling that off are slim, IMHO. While I would love to play this thing over the holidays, I'd rather the team take the time needed to put out a quality product that doesn't harm the game's reputation. Plus, the ATR isn't being developed for the Mac (though the final will be), so I'd have to power up the old Windows machine and make room for it again in my room. And for those in the know, there ain't no room in my room.

Last weekend, my buddy, my Dad and I drove eight hours (round trip) to pick up a 1938 Chevrolet Coupe (pic 1, pic 2) -- a starter project to work on to be completed in about five to seven years. What we got was essentially a rolling chassis: a body on wheels. What's neat is that we get to do everything on this car: rebuilding it from the ground up. Something that I didn't get to do on my 1955 Chevy.

And in just over two weeks, my eight month co-op term working as a Business and Technical Systems Analyst at the Royal Bank of Canada will come to an end. Starting January 9th, I'll be back at Ryerson to continue my third year in Information Technology Management. I'm really looking forward to heading back to school -- as much as I hate the stress induced by tests and exams and the workload that I know will ensue, I definitely miss the social aspect of university.

And lastly, in the New Year, we'll be announcing a new game that we will be covering here at tJY. I'm not going to give you any hints, other than the fact that it will fit in nicely with our designed niche. Curious? :)

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