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Posted by: Mhaddy on Fri Nov 28th, 2003 at 3:50 PM
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Name: jeremy garber



Sex: i'm a boy

Country of Residence: U.S.A. State: Louisiana

Favorite Games: My current favorite game on PC right now is Tribes 2. I suck badly, but I'm addicted to it just as much as I was to the original Tribes. I can't wait till Tribes:Vengeance comes out, then I will have something new to be addicted to. I have tons of other games that I play randomly too, but T2 is priority.

Gaming Roles: (Speaking about T2) Not to die. It depends on what kind of mood I'm in really. If I'm feeling adventurous, I'll put on a light suit and go hunting for flags, snipers, and heavies trying to raid my base. If my team is really behind in the game, I'll go into defense mode, usually with a medium suit. This lets me set up defenses and still chase down pesky intruders. If I want to camp during heavy bombardment, I'll go heavy defense with a repair pack. If my team is way ahead, I'll become an assasin and try to annoy my enemy. I love being the gunner in the tanks and bombers, though it seems not many people like to pilot those.

Gaming Rig(s): AMD (1.4Ghz) 1600+ XP, 512Mb RAM, ATI AiW 7500 and an old Voodoo 3 PCI (dual monitors), Soundblaster Audigy Plat, and a mouse on the left side of the keyboard just for gaming. The one on the right side is for normal stuff and is also a graphics tablet. My main harddrive is a 40Gb for the OS and programs. I have an external 80Gb for all my music and art, and another internal 8Gb that I would like to install Linux on one day, or something. I'm noticing the price of RAM going down and I may be picking up another 1Gb stick soon. Sometime in the second half of next year I hope to build a new rig.

Gaming Groups / Squads / Clans: Well, I used to be real into the squad thing. I loved it. Had tons of fun. Now I don't really have the time. Sometimes I game heavily, while other times I focus on my art. It really depends. One of the biggest things that kept me back is my net connection. Without highspeed, I feel like I can't be much help in tourney matches. That will change soon I hope, when my girl and I get our new house (I've been saying that for a while now, heheh).

Favourite Sites: Well, honestly, it has to be Google. 99$ of the time I spend online I'm looking something up. I haven't done much surfing around lately because I've been focusing on the development of my own website, as well as my involvement in the SS2845 project.

Hobbies / Activities: Well, aside from my day job as a cook, I compose/record music and draw comics. The last several months I have really been focussing on my web programming skills, with a goal to make a new living.

Accomplishments / Achievements: Self-producing/releasing my first music album, and most recently a compilation album featuring music of my friends and I. My first album has even gotten a little radio play at a local college station. Before then, I had a bunch of my comics published in school papers. Right now I'm working as part of the soundtrack team on the SS2845 project. I've got tons more music albums to finish. I'm about to reveal the newest and most drastically improved version of my personal website that currently features my music, but more content will come (art, photos, family, web programming). I'm really proud that I've stuck to studying my web programming for so long. I've been doing well. I've even picked up a couple clients to earn me some decent side money. I really enjoy this stuff and can't wait to learn more.

Extra notes: I'm really happy to say that my girl and I are expecting a boy. He's due at the end of February, maybe even on the 29th. We're looking at getting a house right now. I can't wait.


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