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Andreas "BOLL" Aronsson Spotlight

Andreas "BOLL" Aronsson

Posted by: Mhaddy on Mon Dec 6th, 2004 at 10:29 AM
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Name: Andreas Aronsson


Moniker: BOLL

Sex: Male

Country of Residence: Sweden

Education: Currently trying to acquire a degree in Media Arts reading Computer Game Development: Design / Graphics at the University of Skövde. Before that I read Furniture Carpentry combined with Natural Science at college. (wtf?)

How would we know you: I've been submitting weird stuff to HBO ( for a couple of years. A few might remember me from the Halo1 hacking craze a year ago; where the only thing I really did was using what had been made available by the real hackers, and then posting a few screens and videos of what could be found and done.

Favourite Games: Right now: Halo2. I have a whole lot of both old and newer games that I love, but that list would quickly turn long and boring. If we talk genres instead I like many of them for their different qualities. FPS games for their immersive gameplay and freedom, RPG and HnS games for their character development, RTS games for their resource management, building and strategy, driving games for their ease of use, puzzle games for their challenges (mental and/or physical), web games for their spontaneity, etc. On a side note, the world needs more co-op games. (!!)

Gaming Roles: Mostly random, doing what feels right. It depends heavily on what game it is, the people I play with and the roles they have and the ingame situation / scenario. I do like heavy weapons, explosions and wasting ammo though.

Gaming Rig(s): PC/Xbox/PS2/GC

Gaming Groups / Squads / Clans: I'm currently in HBO's Halo2 clan, even if I don't play much online. I mostly play multiplayer in split screen and/or on LANs, which sadly enough doesn't happen too frequently. Going Live with a four player party on one Xbox in Halo2 is really neat though, and I'll try to do that more often.

Favourite Sites:,,,,,, and a bunch of online comics, gaming and hardware news sites.

Favourite Book / Author: As I mix most stories up, especially if I read several simliar ones after each other, I'd say my favorite is the large blob in my head that consists of all fiction I've read so far; being mostly Sci-Fi and Fantasy books.

Hobbies / Activities / Interests: Creating media, interactive widgets and webpages; mostly using ideas and concepts born out of the Halo universe and/or community. I also try to keep up with a few anime series, read a few books and occasionally play some games.

Accomplishments / Achievements: I can't really put my finger on anything specific. When creating I often go for simplicity and quantity instead of complexity and quality, as I'm impatient with results. This causes most of my productions to be small things and no real "accomplishments", in my eyes at least. If I succeed in obtaining my driver's license in a few months, I'll see that as an accomplishment.

Blurb: Godis är gott.

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