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Jason "Stuntmutt" Cascarina Spotlight

Jason "Stuntmutt" Cascarina

Posted by: Mhaddy on Mon Sep 12th, 2005 at 11:12 AM
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Name: Jason Cascarina


Moniker: Stuntmutt

Sex: M

Country of Residence: UK

Education: BA (hons) Advertising and Graphic Design. And a 10 metres swimming certificate.

How would we know you: Did we meet down the boozer?

Favourite Games: Halo/Halo2. One or t'other is rarely out of the Xbox. Unless the good lady wants to watch Pretty Woman or Bridget Jones for the mpteenth time...

Gaming Roles: BETRAYER!

Gaming Rig(s): XBox/PS2/Gamecube. I really liked the Gameboy SP as well, especially for Metroid Fusion and Metroid Zero Mission.

Gaming Groups / Squads / Clans: HBO Helljumpers - Feet First Into Spam.

Favourite Sites: HBO, (especially for the downloadable mp3s of Fighting Talk and Mark Kermode's film reviews).

Favourite Book: Cugel's Saga by Jack Vance.

Favourite Movie: Seven Samurai, Kurosawa's epic tale of feudal Japan, a breathtaking dissection of class and self worth that can be read on so many levels. Either that or Lilo and Stitch. For similar reasons.

Hobbies / Activities / Interests: Cooking, playing in a band. Oh, and I make a little video game related cartoon strip (and below -Ed ).

Accomplishments / Achievements: Being interviewed by the Junkyard. And getting engaged. Not necessarily in that order. Getting invited to Mig's LAN in New York was a very big deal for me. As I said at the time, I got to travel to another part of the world where I was made welcome in someone else's home, I had a great time and got to make new friends. And all because of a video game.

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