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tJY Supporters

the Junkyard would like to extend its greatest thanks to the following people who have generously donated to us in support of our growing server expenses. If it weren't for these people, we probably wouldn't be here right now!

We would also like to thank our sponsors and host, Futurepoint. They are the ones who have provided us with our home and we cannot thank them enough. Head on over to their site ( and check out the great hosting services they have to offer. If you signup for an account, be sure to mention tJY - it'd help us out a lot!

If you would like to send a donation and you have a PayPal account, you can send it to or click on this button:

Or if you don't have a paypal account, you can always send a money order / cheque to the following address via snail mail:

Ryan Matthews
426 Stanfield Drive
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
L6L 3P9

The following people have made monetary donations to the Junkyard, thank you for your support!
  • David 'ManiacMagic' Boyer
  • Michael Warren
  • Patrick Western
  • Steven Green
  • Brian Jones
  • UltraForce
  • CobaltNova Halo League
  • Nathan Boorom
  • Randomhero
  • Sebastian 'MrFluffyPants' Shepherd
  • Ryan Ward
  • Mintz08
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