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The Next Tribes Q&A

The Next Tribes Q&A

Posted by: Diotoir on Thu Mar 20th, 2003 at 5:25 PM
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Q: What is your main focus for T3, being either Competitive Players, the general crowd, or niether?

A: I can't (won't) answer this at this time.

Q: Will T3/TNTG make use of DirectX 9 effects and features?

A: If they're needed to make it real purdy.

Q: BY YOUR BEST GUESS, are you going to be shooting for a 'Mature' rating or 'Teen'?

A: We're ignoring the whole issue at the moment. We're making the game, and then figuring out the rating later. My guess is that it will be teen.

Q: I know you said that Sierra couldn't give a crap about the competitive community, but do you?

A: I didn't say that. Don't put words in my mouth. I said that the executives who made the greenlight decision weren't looking at the size of the competitive community when they did that. Not at all the same thing, and not at all enclusive of all of Sierra.

Q: Hrmm...what about the music...will it be dynamic according to the intensity of the battle or calming if you are in the middle of nowhere or something, or perhaps something like the scripted players we have with t2 where we can just load a custom playlist and use our own music?

A: I think we're leaning more toward the playlist idea.

Q: When will we find out more about realease dates and developer info? 1 month? 6 months? 2004??

A: One of those three is close.

Q: Are the weak humans finally gona be removed?

A: I take it you're a fan of the Space Orcs.

Q: Are there any plans to include some of the tribes 1 voice binds that got cut from t2 ? Ones such as Doh! , You Idiot, and Damn! were excellent. I don't want a recycled Tribes1, but little things like that would be great.

A: There are no specific plans for T1 binds.

Q: Will Windows Be the only supported os or will there be ports to Apple and Linux platforms?

A: In general there no good business reason to make a client for Apple or Linux. I know people hate to hear that, but it's true and it's hard to convince people in charge of huge budgets to spend even more for a negative return.

Q: From what people are assuming, there is only going to be one game type of physics for the game. My questiion is, Will there be more then one gametype upon release?

A: Yes, more than one game type, no to different physics per game type.

Q: In stead of having a browser, could you make it so that you can click links in-game and it would use your computers browser?

A: It's possible. Just need some engineers to write some code to do it.

Q: If the nicks and tribal tags and things that fall under that catagory arn't handled in-game, would there be a link to the web site(s) that handle this?

A: I suppose, assuming that were the plan, that we could do that.

Q: Have you ever thought about releasing some of the most popular client-side mods with the release, such as Mechina or TAC2?

A: The wouldn't work. They're written using the Tribes 2 engine, this won't be using the Tribes 2 engine.

Q: Are you going to build a new engine for the game? Or use an existing one?

A: Yes, we are.

Q: Ack! Are you anticipating that a) the game will not need to be patched, b) the patching will be out of someone else's budget, or c) the patching will take about zero dollars?

A: No, I just said that to point out that my budget isn't designed for marketing PR stuff.

Q: Is there any chance that user created scripts and/or maps might make it into the gold version if they are developed during beta and determined to be solid enough to be included by the dev team?

A: There is always a chance.

Q: I think this question was asked, but I didn't see the answer: Will the new Tribes game have a spectator client like T2TV? If so would it be more like HLTV, where there is a client on the server that everyone can connect to and observe that match as if they were really in there as on observer... or would it be like T2TV, where the people watching could only watch through the eyes of the person who is shoutcasting?

A: You're right, it wasn't answered.

Q: Are you trying to achieve a "sporty" or "war/epic" type atmosphere in the next Tribes game?

A: I'm looking for a "Sporty War Epic", with jaunty voice binding.

Q: Is it safe to say that the new Tribes game will have demo recording/playback capability? If so would it most likely use the .rec format?

A: .rec format? I'm not up to date on my international standards, is .rec one of them?

Q: Thrax, can u give us an example of what the physics are going to be like for TNTG? For example, when turning around while jetting foward, will the lower torso swing momentarly (i cant spell) after the upper torso turns around?

A: Is this an important gameplay element? Your legs will not swing around because you're super strong from the tribal brand vitamins and your'e wearing cool non-leg-swing brand (tm) armor.

Q: Will the single player/Training sessions be better?

A: I'm not sure that I intended to say that. From a T2 perspective we want to make the introduction to the game easier, but the top end much higher. Easy to start, impossible to perfect. As for the training missions i think we'll be able to improve on them.

Q: you also mentioned (ANd I LOVE that u did) that you won't be adding in an ingame internet browser, or IRC. BUT can and will u impliment a viable scripting code, that say 3rd party scriptorz (PJ,Crunchy,Cowboy etc..) can add in built in browsers and IRC's ? Basicly I was thinking along the lines of how mIRC is - it works fine and u can taylor it to your desire - perhaps a help file with the scripting commands?

A: I really don't know. There is not currently any plan or effort to insure that the scripting engine/language would support creating a browser.

Q: so in other words, you don't plan on maken a specific coded demo format, but would rather use one that is already made ? (i.e .avi format) so that we DON'T HAVE to open t3 to watch recordings, but rather DivX or winamp3?

A: I didn't say anything remotely like that. I asked you what the .rec format is.

Q: will there be demos in the next tribes? If so, will you be able to rewind?

A: Endless recording questions are making me cranky. No more recording questions.

Q: Did you and/or the other people involved with developing this game play T1 competitively? Now? Ever? Back when it was going strong?

A: I may have played a bit of competitive T1. How about you, ever been at the sharp end of the ladder?

Q: Using lowcompressed avi would make your demos weight few gigs each, or if you dropped the resolution to 320x240 few hundred. Or if you would use a highcompressratio coded (xvid, and such) you wouldn't be playing at all, or perhaps at 1fps on a 5Ghz system. We do not need a new ".rec" format, we need a standalone demoplayer.

A: or a stand-alone conversion utility.

Q: Will Tribes3 be P2P (Pay to Play)?

A: Already answered. Yes you'll pay to play, once, when you buy the game.

Q: As of now, demos are only possible as one players point of view. To attempt to reconstruct a match, many demos are required, and then it is up to the viewer to try to imagine how the match played out. Many times after a match, my teammates will watch demos of that match from as many perspectives as they can, to attempt to figure out what went right or wrong. Would a 'server side' demo be at all possible? I mean, basically a recording of the entire match, so that when it is played back, one can observe the entire match, wandering around to follow specific players, or watching a flag battle from a distance? I realize this could be complicated, and open to abuse. But at the same time, the benefits could be great.

A: T1 demos were just that beast oddly enough.

Q: hmm, its shame that sierra probably wotn be doin t3 thrax, so no "dev" team has been created, sorry to break ur fame ppal, but there is no "dev" team as of yet anyways


Q: Will there be a linux / bsd client for Tribes3

A: very unlikely

Q: Will there be a linux / bsd server for Tribes3

A: somewhat likely

Q: How much weight will be given to community (and by community I mean both t1 fanbois and t2 fanbois, and everyone in between) opinion on game mechanics/playstyles/etc? Will we have a say, or will it be whatever the T3 teams Vision(tm) is?

A: That's a tough question. Let me start by saying that our first goal is to make a fun game with staying power that people can continue to grow into long after they start playing it. To a large extent that obviates any need to pay attention to T1 physics vs T2 physics. Bauhaus game design: Form follows function . So we already know where we're starting, and we think our physics solution will be spot on (or we'd start somewhere else) but if it's not right we're perfectly willing to modify it until it's the perfect physics system for our game. The one thing I can guarantee is that it won't be exactly like either T1 or T2.

Q: What exactly is the reasoning that it's unlikely there will be a linux client? Is it the perception that there arent many Linux gamers ? Also I'm sure you are aware that many T2 servers are currently run on linux / bsd boxes due to the cost, availability and stability of the operating systems.

A: First, it's not a perception that there aren't many Linux gamers, it's a fact. Second I completely understand how many servers run on Linux which is why I said it was more likely. Third, I felt like typing third twice and this was the only easy way to do it.

Q: Are you going to keep the disk launcher?

A: Yes, but I'm thinking about renaming it the Diskamabob.

Q: It would just be good to see another developer support the linux community, but i know the likelyhood of it happening is rather remote.

A: T2 got a linux client because a third party company was willing to take the risk (which didn't pan out for them). For Tribes the Next the same thing is possible. If a valid reputable Linux or Mac developer were to take on the task (and the risk), we could easily come to terms with them.

Q: Thanks for answering. Now, what would be easier and less resource consuming:
1) Simple .exe that would load .rec and play it in a window of your choise (size) and have the basic VCR functionality
2) Software that will load the rec, pass it trough the game engine to get 30 bitmaps/targas per second, then ... the 400Mb .avi.
But if you look at this from the developer's aspect, I really would go along with the 1 if I would have to make a choice

A: Well you hit the issues on #2 fairly well, except you missed out on the fact that the average processor will be a bit better by the time we release so encoding times will go down.
But for #1 you missed all the issues, like the fact that the "simple" player will have to be the entire game engine minus the player controls, including the entire map, sound, and graphic resource set, and that people who don't have a map won't be able to play the recording, etc...
We're at an obvious impasse that can only be solved on the back of a cocktail napkin...

Q: Is Sierra going to have a dedicated spokesman for this whos sole job is to communicate with the community, kind of like how Mythic did it with Dark Age of Camelot?

A: That's a spiffy idea but I'm not sure it will happen until late in the process. If we're lucky we'll get a support lead who can do that sort of thing (which is what Sanya Thomas does at Mithic I think).

Q: How hard set are the designs at the moment? I mean if one of the folks here came up with a great idea that would have large design implemications is it a possibility it would be included?

A: Set, but not rigid. The team (in my opinion) have done an excelent job of their initial design and also in leaving flexability in a few key areas of that design.

Q: Also in terms of scripting, how flexiable and powerful is it going to be in relation say to the T2?

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