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The Next Tribes Q&A

The Next Tribes Q&A

Posted by: Diotoir on Thu Mar 20th, 2003 at 5:25 PM
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Q: Will there be floating bases like those in T1, or will they be primarily ground bases?

A: You'll just have to wait and see.

Q: One thing that pissed me off to no ends about T2 was the complete retardedness of the mortor turret and how it ended up, the majority of the time, in killing more teammates than enemies. Will the mortor turret be automated like it was in T2, or will players be required to operate themselves via command screen similar to T1?

A: I think we all miss the days of Broadside mortar spaming.

Q: my only other request is that you list is that you keep an open ear to the community. however, please keep that ear pointed at the people who have played the game at high competition levels. please listen to the people at TribalWar (ask marweas). the people who have played the game at the top of competition have an intimate knowledge of how competition should be, and their opinions should speak loudest to your dev team.

A: Let's examine this, shall we
1. I played Tribes 1 for over a year at the sharp end of the ladder. I was part of an NCAA championship soccer team. I have an older brother. I hate the Yankees. I believe I understand competition.
2. Marweas cannot claim any of these things, except possibly the older brother. Marweas knows marketing.
3. Most people never play competitively. If we don't satisfy those people there is no possibility of continuing the franchise and we all lose, so (like it or not) pubs are very important.
4. The competitive players (of whom a much better concentration can be found at TWL than TW) are important as they do tend to push the community forward. The are also (like it or not) very important.
5. There is no way I'm going to let the masses at TW design anything beyond a ham sandwich. It's a fantastic community but that doesn't make it a game designer.
Let me fall back on my car analogy: Just because somebody has played a game for a long time doesn't make them a game designer. My mom has driven cars for a long time and there is no way I'm getting into a car she designed.

Q: Are there any plans to supports tools such as gmax? (like Dungeon Siege, NWN, UT2k3 , and others have done). I know these require quite a bit of cash to license in a game.

A: It's possible that we could support GMax or the Maya Personal Learning Eddition.

Q: I've been playing T2 since a few months after it's release, and almost that whole time I've been playing siege. if you don't know siege is a smaller community, but a cummunity never the less, there are over 100 of us that play it alot, and I was wondering if we were gunna be included in T3?

A: You may have noticed that I'm avoiding specific map type questions, and I'm going to do it again.

Q: There's a ton of great ideas there as well as at TW (less morons seem to be at TWL though)

A: I don't think there are more morons at TW, it's just a different type of community. TW is about the people and the communication. TWL is about the games. The two audiences intersect, but a lot of TW isn't really interested in anything more than the latest photoshop this thread.

Q: Within this year (2003) will we see Screen Shots of the game and/or In-game Movies?

A: I don't know about you, but I've got some great Screen Shots

Q: I've seen discussion threads about a 'Commander' position, or something along the lines of that. Will this happen? (I don't like it myself just wondering)

A: I think that was just random wish-listing. I certainly have not intention of forcing a commander position.

Q: Will the game push the boundaries of newer computers when it is released? As in, when it comes out will it push a 6ghz (or whatever it is at the time) computer to the max.?

A: I hope so, while still running well on a moderate machine of the day. It's getting tough to do. People expect current games to run like butter on their over-clocked Celeron 300 and still push a PIV 3 Gig machine. At some point those PIIs and low end PIIIs need to go away.

Q: Will there be separate textures for each team? As in each team has a different looking base, vehicles etc.

A: That is the intention.

Q: will there be 2 (or more) types of deployable turrets? i.e. an indoor and outdoor or will there be one universal deployable?

A: 2000 years into the future and they can't make a freakin' indoor/outdoor turret?Unacceptable! Henceforth one turret shall rule them all. And it won't be tiny, camouflaged, and silent. Little bastards.

Q: i think you missed my point. i too know people who have played tribes for years and still suck my point was that you lend a more open ear to the people who are good at the game; they are usually those who have an intimate knowledge of competition and how gameplay works at the top level.

A: No, you've missed mine. Being good at play doesn't make you a game designer. Being a good producer doesn't make you a good game designer. Game design is freakin hard stuff. How many games were made from the Quake (I/II/III) engine, and how many just sucked? It wasn't the engine, it was bad design. Just because Natural's a good player doesn't make him a good designer, and just because Colosus Boston's around like he's stuck in the mud doesn't make him a good or bad designer either.

Q: Hey, will we the important community sites get first dibs on content? Or will you just throw it out to anything that wants it. I think it would be great of special community sites get something, esspecially communities just for this game.

A: That's really a PR question, but I can already tell you that they'll hand out content based on where it will get the biggest bang. IGN, Gamespot, and the like will get content first, everybody else later.

Q: is the netcode going to be cleaned up with the new engine ?

A: It's a new engine. As in not the same. Different. Including the network layer. A more interesting question is might we support IPv6? I have no idea, nor any idea about why we should or shouldn't. Anybody out there an IPv6 expert?

Q: What would you consider a 'huge' game for the next Tribes game?

A: Final game of the World Championships. Televised live on TV. World wide audience. $1,000,000 in prize money to the winning team. Endorsement deals for Twinkies and Tropicana Orange Juice ("Keeps me healthy even though I never leave the house!"). That'd be huge. Or is that not what you were asking...

Q: Will client side weapon models be allowed like they were in Tribes or will the server have to use them too (like how T2 is set up)?

A: If we can be sure they're not being used for cheating, we'll allow them. Cheating is a huge issue.

Q: will tribes the next be totally wickedly the coolest game ever created by the human mind in your opinion?

A: Second only to Myst

Q: can you reveal which one has/had bigger budget, this t3 here or t2 (just curious if sierra has/had any doubts about this project) ?

A: I don't have the T2 budget info to look at, but I'd be shocked if the T2 budget came close to this game.

Q: are you looking after any modellers/skinners/mappers, or can you handle all that by yourself ? (not that you couldnt, but extra hand would be cheap and there are lots of talented people who would gladly help )

A: I don't need any modellers, etc... We have a very large team.

Q: . hehe..can you reveal the t3's version number atm?

A: No idea on the internal version number.

Q: does this project have existing deadline?

A: Yes, it has a scheduled ship date.

Q: Will T3 support OpenGL (1.4 or 2), or is it going to be a D3D game?

A: D3D. Possible OpenGL support.

Q: Does the design team responsible for "Tribes the next", believe that allowing the bases and equiptment systems to be completely shut down and instantly imbalancing the entire games design , as a general feature of pick up games,and NOT restricited to a "hardcore" tournament only mode, to be a good design philosophy or a bad design philosophy?

A: I don't think we feel that this is any kind of philosophy, design or otherwise. It's just something that is. My personal take is that people should be able to switch it on and off as they please, perhaps including automatic switches for on when over X people start the game, and off when less than X start. But trust me, this won't have anything to do with your decision to hand over $$ for this game. You'll be buying it

Q: As far as the flag indicator goes, is it going to be in t3? Id hope its not...fixing a cheat from one game != making it a feature in the next...

A: And it wasn't fixing a cheat from T1 that got the flag marked 24/7, Dave just couldn't ever figure out where it was. No plan on the flag indicator yet.

Q: I don't know if you've answered this yet or not but what is it gunna be called? T3?

A: No. It's not called T3.

Q: Can you tell us what the prototype consisted of?

A: No, I can't

Q: When this game is released, will it be a modern day engine for the game for its time (flashy effects, cool environments etc) or are you making only a "bare minimum" engine to make the game, so its not too flashy - if you get what I mean.

A: Very spiffy. Nothing bare bones about it, but probably not the #1 engine of it's day (always tough to make it to #1).

Q: When you do go open beta (You are going open beta, yes?) - can you *please* make it available to AU/NZ/Europe etc as well, not just for say, the US.

A: Thus the name "open beta".

Q: Will the game still feel like tribes, as in have team combat, outdoor and indoor environments etc - or an entirely new game?

A: Both. It will feel like an entirely new game in the tribes universe.

Q: Are you going to try and do something revolutionary with the game/engine - ie, environmental effects/something revolutionary :P

A: Probably not, by then.

Q: Will Tribes: Not Part Three support multiple monitors? For instance with the primary monitor used for rendering the gameworld and the second for informational windows of the players choice.

A: No plans for this.

Q: My question is will there be a Community messages type function. I will explain what I mean with the reasoning.

A: How about instead of all that extra stuff we just fix the problem?

Q: will there be blood... flying heads. or will it be like tribes 2? (no blood but bodyparts go flying)

A: Good question. Some day we'll give you an answer

Q: will it have slight changes in model for varying tribes, such that blood eagle's disc launcher looks different to the diamond sword's (mayb a slighty different shape) but the actual position etc is the same so that aim is not going to be affected if you change teams during a map?

A: The weapons will all be the same.

Q: this TNTG is the new engine name? so you say it will compete with engine like ut2k3 and doom 3 (personally not impressed by doom3, recon ut2k3 looks better)?

A: TNTG = "The Next Tribes Game". Nothing else

Q: will you have deployable walls, fences or turrets. Turrets that you can put anywhere and sit in it and control it? Or is the base going to have a set defense setup which you can control from a commander position?

A: No

Q: when you place mines, will they stay there after you die?

A: yes

Q: Can my team mates send me a way point that I can click and my guy will start running to it?

A: no

Q: Points systems... Have you placed any thought into working out an alternate/new scoring system? something more focused on information rather than a ranking system.

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